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How to View Recently Deleted Apps on Android

Have you just uninstalled your favorite picture editing program and can’t remember it? Isn’t it a bummer? Unfortunately, we have all seen it at some point in life. And, considering how much we depend on these applications, it’s difficult to imagine our lives without them.

It is too common for us to remove applications on our Android devices by mistake. The regret that comes is a warning that it was not supposed to happen. There are several reasons why your applications could crash or be uninstalled. You erased it by mistake due to a virus attack, or you removed it and now want this restored.

But you might want to reinstall those previously deleted applications on your Smartphone. We recommend you not to be worried, although such deleted applications can be recovered. This article will guide you through many methods you may utilize to get those applications back onto your Smartphone. So, without further ado, let’s get began.

Can We View Deleted Apps on Android?

Before we continue, it’s worth noting that Android enables us to retrieve those applications. So, don’t be concerned if you have difficulty recovering them; we can guarantee you that the procedure is simpler than you expected.

Such applications can be recovered since they are not erased from your phone after being removed. It implies we may still hunt for those applications; the only change is that they’re no longer visible on the main screen of our smartphones as they were previously.

How to View Recently Deleted Apps on Android

Check Safe Mode Feature

Android can be rather amusing at times. All of your applications have gone out of nothing if you open the smartphone. We understand there is a lot to process right now. But you should retain your calm and check to see whether you deleted them.

You must check for the safe mode feature in this situation. This Android option blocks third-party applications on the smartphone. You can only see the default factory options while your smartphone is in safe mode. Safe mode can be disabled in many different ways.

Google Play Store

If you possess an Android phone, you’re probably aware of how the Google Play store offers a wealth of interesting applications and games to select from. In addition, apps are managed to install and deleted daily. But did you guys understand that the Play Store keeps records of every application you have installed and then uninstalled from your Smartphone?

You would be surprised to hear that you can get those applications back from the Play Store for the same reason you got them. It’s also the simplest method.

It would help if you went to the Play store to see the uninstalled apps.

Your account icon may be seen on the screen; click on it.

On the tab, look for the My Apps & Games sections.

Select My Applications and Games from the menu, and the installed applications will be displayed. In addition, there will be an Everything screen beside it. Tap on it to get the history of all the applications installed from that account. Next, find and touch on all of the recently removed applications.

If your Smartphone displays the Manage applications and device tab, you will also see an Information page. First, proceed to the page labeled Manage. Then, choose the Installed tab through the menu bar.

There are two possibilities: Installed and deleted. First, click on the option “Not installed.” Next, you’ll see a Name option; click on it. From there, select the Recently added option and tap on it.

You will check all of the recently removed apps. Choose the applications you want to install by checking the boxes next to them.

When you follow the instructions, the Play Store will begin downloading and installing the app on your smartphone. Furthermore, you may recover application data by enabling the application to reinstall backup files.

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