How to Enable Automatic Call Recording for Unknown Numbers on Android

Call recording on smartphones has recently become a highly debatable feature. You can easily find people with two views on call recording, one supports the fact that an important call is being preserved, and the other disparage it on privacy issues.

Well, this article is about you, if you are people with first views. Google just updated its phone dialer app, allowing you to enable Call Recording to call unknown numbers automatically. We’ll talk about how to enable it on your phone today.  

How to Enable Automatic Call Recording for Unknown Numbers on Android?

Now, much of the modern phone comes with Google Apps as the default phone, messages, and contacts application. This is because, to improve Android’s overall experience, Google has made it mandatory for smartphone brands to ship their smartphone with Google’s applications.

So you can follow the steps to enable automatic call recording for all unknown numbers while you have a Google Phone app as the default phone call application.    

  • Open your phone’s Google Phone Dialer.
  • Click on the 3 dots on the top right side.
  • Now, Go to the Call recording.
  • Enable the number toggle in your contacts here.
  • You should also specify certain numbers to keep calling from them at all times.

Note: Like the Google Phone App’s daily call recording, you enable or record a call automatically. The person will be notified that the call is recorded at the other end of the call.  

At present, the feature is slowly rolling out to the user. Unfortunately, even on most phones, we can’t access it. So if you don’t find it on your phone, you have to wait for it to come to the masses. The feature is also only applicable in regions in which the law of the country permits call recording.

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