How to run Facebook Ads for Daraz Seller

In recent years, Daraz has become a major e-commerce marketplace. Sellers use different platforms to advertise their products. Facebook is a social media platform that offers tools to help e-commerce sellers. Those working on Daraz should learn how to run Facebook ads for Daraz sellers to take advantage of competitors.

Your Facebook ads will help you build brand awareness. If you choose the right Facebook interests and target your audience correctly, it will increase your product coverage and bring conversions. This guide will walk you through the basics of running Facebook Ads for Daraz Sellers to reach the right audience.

Why should seller Daraz run Facebook ads?

Daraz is the biggest platform in Pakistan and also the biggest e-commerce platform for other countries. There are hundreds and thousands of customers on Daraz; Sellers can run ads to increase their reach with buyers and skyrocket their sales. It’s an opportunity for sellers to showcase their products to these audiences who love shopping online.

Facebook Ads for Daraz Online Shopping Facebook has a very prospective and reliable audience, which is why it has reached 30,200,500 Facebook audiences. So now the question is, “How can you get these people to come and buy from you?”

Here you can use ad targeting to target the right audience. Âť Advertising targeting. helps you solve this problem. It will guide you on the interests that your competitors and others do not know about. Read the full article and see how you can target your audience right away.

Daraz’s Online Shopping Interest Overview

First, we will review interest in Daraz Online Shopping. She has about 30,200,500 audience on Facebook. In this audience, men accounted for 72.5% and women for 27.5%. Most of Daraz Online Shopping customers are between 25 and 35 years old and their percentage is 41.9%.

You can target many interests with your ads for Daraz Online Shopping. Pick the interest you want, and go with it depending on the situation. It helps you deliver targeted ads to get the most out of the advertising campaign.

How to analyze the audience of Facebook ads from seller Daraz

While running Daraz Facebook Ads, it would be better if you have a suitable target. When analyzing the audience of Facebook ads, you need to analyze different aspects. Here is a brief guide on what you need to remember when running Facebook Ads for Daraz Sellers.

1) Age

Most people interested in “online shopping” are between the ages of 25 and 35, around 41.9%. People under 25 are also interested in shopping online; they are between 18 and 24 years old, and about 34.94%. The average of those interested in “online shopping” is between 35 and 45 years old, or about 13.82%.

2) Gender of the audience

You can also recognize the percentage of interested buyers based on their gender, whether male or female. Men who are interested in online shopping make up about 72.5%, and on the other hand, women who are interested in online shopping make up about 27.5%.

3) Relational status of the public

Daraz Online Shopping has a variety of customers. Many of them are single, and some of them are in a relationship or married. Most Daraz viewers are single. their most significant ratio is around 51%.

4) Qualifications

The qualification-based clientele is diverse in Daraz. Some of them are studying, but the majority of them have diplomas. The interest in buying is more among the informed public than among an uneducated or less informed public.

5) Country

During the analysis, you will learn that Pakistanis are intensely interested in shopping Daraz online. Besides Pakistan, Myanmar and Bangladesh are intensely interested in shopping in Daraz. You can also use the “Facebook Interest Targeting Tool” to get more information about Facebook audience analysis.

Interest lists for “Daraz Online Shopping”

After analyzing the audience of Daraz, you can now find the most interesting targets for “Daraz Online Shopping”. We will show you exciting Facebook interests that will surely help you.

In each interest you can also see the audience numbers. Following certain interests will give you unique ideas for your ‘Daraz Online Shopping’ advertisements. You can follow them and choose your favorite interest to attract your audience.

Target the “Daraz Online Shopping” audience with high interest

The audience on Facebook is very potential. You can target your audience using “AdTargetting”. If you have a higher potential interest, it will be a more relevant Facebook ad for the audience. It is up to you to also use other professional content of your choice.

You should use your content-related pages on Facebook to target and attract your “Daraz Online Shopping” audience. Some relevant pages of most subscribers are given below; you can follow them and target your audience there.


It has 22,136 audiences, with 3,711,979 subscribers.

  • Daraz Online Shopping

It has an audience of 22,136, with 3,711,979 subscribers.

  • Al-karam Studio

It has 14,208 audiences, with 1,178,299 subscribers.

How can you advertise for “Daraz Online Shopping”?

With some of the steps, you can create your ads and run them on Facebook, Instagram, and Audience Networks. You can target people on these websites and attract them to your product. Here I will walk you through a few steps on how you can do it:

Show ads on all devices

You can use your preferred device to post your “Daraz Online Shopping” ad to target your audience. If you know the interest of your audience, it doesn’t matter what device they use. They can also see your posts or ads on Android and desktop.

Display in a few steps

Advertising “Daraz Online Shopping” ads is not difficult on any platform. Create your ad for your product, then select where you know most of the audience is present or visiting. No reformatting or resizing is required in these steps.

Stay accurate and safe

If you increase your range, it doesn’t mean you decrease your control. Your easy-to-use brands control the entire process of whether or not your ad is displayed.

You should know the difference between these platforms where you post your “Daraz Online Shopping” ads. Each platform has different features and different audience interests. If you post your ads on Facebook, there is other traffic from people with different business interests. If you use Instagram, people’s interests are different.

Defining your theme

First, you need to determine what you want from your audience and what you want your audience to get out of your ad. Think carefully about the theme that will exactly suit your ad that will attract your audience to you and make you unique from others. Your theme can be any idea, visual theme or concept you like.

Understand your audience

You need to speak directly to their interests in your ads, which will grab their attention. Consider the different versions of the ideas and concepts of their interests. This will impact and target them significantly. They will want to come to you and buy from you.


Daraz becomes a global marketplace for buyers and sellers. Targeting Facebook ads can generate potential sales and reputation growth for Daraz sellers. People who want to improve their selling power and grow their brand will get help from this article. We ensure that this article contains all the information regarding your problem. We hope you got all your answers.

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