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How to Use ChatGPT on iPhone and Android

Visit to view the mobile version of ChatGPT from a web browser on iPhone and Android. Both platforms allow you to add a website shortcut to your mobile screen.

ChatGPT has grown in popularity as a generative AI tool. It can generate a CV, arrange a party, compose recipes, and more with easy instructions. We’ll explain how to use ChatGPT on iPhones and Android phones.

Does ChatGPT Have an App?

Although there is no official ChatGPT app for iPhone or Android, there is an optimized mobile version of the website. The public ChatGPT API was made available in March 2023, allowing developers to use ChatGPT’s AI language model in their products.

The issue is that there are several fake ChatGPT applications in the App Store and Play Store. A lot of these apps state that they are “powered by ChatGPT,” but they are not. The official website ( is the safest method to utilize ChatGPT on your phone. You can also use the Bing app from Microsoft, which employs the same language learning model (LLM) used by ChatGPT.

How to Use ChatGPT on iPhone Devices

To use ChatGPT on your iPad or iPhone, open a web browser such as Safari and go to; you can also create a shortcut to the home screen for quick access.

First, launch Safari (do not use another browser) and go to the ChatGPT website. In the toolbar, press the share button (an up arrow within a square).

Scroll down the share sheet and select “Add to Home Screen.” If you do not see this option, you may add it by clicking the “Edit Actions” button at the bottom of the share page. Change the shortcut name to “ChatGPT” and then press “Add.”

Your home screen will now have a website shortcut! ChatGPT can also be configured to interact with Siri using the Apple Shortcuts app. ChatGPT is also available for Apple Watch.

How to Use ChatGPT on Android Devices

The easiest way for using ChatGPT on Android is to visit via a web browser like Google Chrome, and then create a shortcut to the home screen.

We will teach you how to add the ChatGPT shortcut to your home screen in Google Chrome, but the procedure is the same in Edge and Firefox. Go to the ChatGPT website and select the three-dot menu icon in the upper right corner.

Choose “Add to Home Screen” from the menu. Change the name of the shortcut to “ChatGPT” and then press “Add.”

A pop-up window from your home screen launcher will open, and you may drag the icon to the home screen or add it automatically by selecting “Add to Home Screen.”

You are able to open ChatGPT directly from your home screen! You can use ChatGPT in the same way as Google Assistant does, it is more difficult to set up.

Last Words

While the absence of an official ChatGPT app is disappointing, the mobile website works perfectly on iPhone and Android. If you’re searching for something different, you can try ChatGPT alternatives. It’s an exciting time for AI technologies, but Google Assistant and Siri shouldn’t be concerned just yet.

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