How to View WhatsApp Profile Picture If They Blocked You

Whatsapp is the world’s most popular messaging app. Almost everyone uses this application. No one uses the messaging app to send a text message since it is relatively inexpensive and provides more options. Whatsapp offers some features. 

You may get the idea that someone is following you too closely or looking too deeply into your personal life. They may also be sending you unwanted text messages, such as unwanted messages.  

WhatsApp provides security features that allow you to block a contact if needed, keeping this in mind. It is possible to block someone on WhatsApp. If someone blocks us, we can’t view their profile photo, status, last seen, or about.  

If you want to see someone’s Whatsapp Dp, you’ll be blocked by that person. You’ve come to the right place. Thank you for visiting. We’ll show you how to watch Dp on WhatsApp, even if it’s blocked.  

How to View WhatsApp Profile Picture If They Blocked You

1. Use Your Friend’s Whatsapp

A friend of yours who is also their friend is required in this case. It’s possible to see a friend’s profile photo on WhatsApp if they have enabled privacy settings. Furthermore, you can check whether the other person has blocked you or enabled privacy settings.  

Steps to see if you’re being blocked by this person are given below. It’s even possible that all of their privacy settings are turned on.  

  • Open Whatsapp on the phone of your friend.
  • If the status is not listed, then go on to the next step.
  • Take a look at their contact number on WhatsApp.
  • Go to their profile section or chat screen.
  • Once you’ve determined whether they were last seen or online, text them.
  • Wait for two ticks will show if they will be online or the internet is ON.

  You’ll be able to confirm if he’s blocked you or not by viewing their profile. In addition, their Whatsapp Dp and other information can be considered using this method.  

2. Second Phone Number

Another phone number that is not connected with your Whatsapp account will be required. You must create a WhatsApp account on this phone number.  

  • Download a similar app from Google Play Store (Use Business WhatsApp).
  • Create a WhatsApp account on that phone number.
  • Now, check the profile of that person who blocked you.

  Now you can view their profile picture, last seen, if he/his will not make private these, you can also check their online status.

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