How to Know If Someone Blocked You on TikTok

TikTok is undoubtedly one of the most popular video-sharing and social media apps available today. Even if you’re not a TikToker, you can’t deny it. TikTok provides users the opportunity to make and share videos. Videos of other users are also available to contain fun challenges, dances, and other skills.  

If you’ve met someone on the app, this is an excellent method to communicate with someone. There are ways to find out when you’re blocked on an app!   Start looking for every user’s profile one at a time to see whether they’ve blocked you. Unfortunately, the list of blocked and unfollowed users is not available through any tools or apps.

Many of us have, at times, been blocked on social media sites like TikTok. Users who have blocked you can’t communicate with you, and you can’t see their activities or videos.  

If someone has blocked you, how do you know? For more details on this topic, please keep reading!  

Will You Get Notified When Somebody Blocks You On TikTok?

Unfortunately, you don’t notice that when anyone blocks you on TikTok.  A user’s decision to stop a specific profile is personal, just like other apps. Spam, annoying content, and other reasons can all contribute to this.  

How to Know If Someone Blocked You on Tiktok?

In TikTok, you can check if you’ve been blocked by a user by searching for their profile, looking at their comments, or sending a direct message to them. It’s also possible to find out if someone has blocked you on the app by following a few other simple steps. If you do this, you may not need to try any other methods listed below.  

Go Through The Follower List:

It’s easiest and first to check your account’s followers list if you think you’ve been blocked by a specific profile. Next, use a profile search to find that person’s information. As a result, If you do not see the account list, they may have been blocked. This is because TikTok can delete a user’s account for some reason. However, a little more research is in need.  

Search on Tiktok for the Profile:

This is the next step that many people take when they feel blocked. Use the Discover tab to look for a username or a person’s name. As the name suggests, it’s a magnifying glass-shaped icon.  

Look For the Comments on the Left Side of the Profile:

You can try to see if someone has blocked you by looking at the past mentioned or comments you have made on their TikTok videos now if you click on that video and cannot access it. So there’s a possibility you’ve been blocked.  


You can easily find out if someone has blocked you on TikTok by following these steps. See? It’s not a significant problem at all. As a basic guideline, don’t get upset if someone has blocked you and instead think about why they have done so.

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