How to Enable Flashlight Blinking for Calls on iPhone

During an incoming call, you have ever seen an iPhone blinking camera. You could have seen this also on some videos of Instagram reels. iPhone is a symbol of status in today’s society, and it never misses any chance for users to show others that they have an iPhone.  

Now suppose that you are among some people, and then your iPhone suddenly blinks on its flashlight while the original iPhone ringtone is played simultaneously. You may also use blinking flashlight visuals to allow you receive a call if your phone is still in silent mode.  

Will you also make the camera flashlight blink with your iPhone when a call is received? To get this feature, you may have looked for your iPhone settings. Well, if you can’t find it, don’t be worried, as we’ll share a complete step-by-step guide to help you activate a light on your iPhone.  

Get flashlight blinking on receiving calls on iPhone

A blinking flashlight is available on iPhone for incoming calls and is formally known as LED Flash to Alerts. This feature, besides receiving calls, provides a flashlight alert for new notifications. If you’re in silent mode, you can manually turn on this feature.  

Follow these simple guides so that the light blinks when you receive a call on your iPhone.  

How to Enable Flashlight Blinking for Calls on iPhone
  • The audio/Visual option in Hearing is available here. Just click on that option.
How to Enable Flashlight Blinking for Calls on iPhone
  • The LED Flash for Alerts is now an option. Just click the button to activate it. This will enable the flashlight to blink when calling, and new notifications are received.
How to Enable Flashlight Blinking for Calls on iPhone
  • When LED Flash is enabled for Alerts, a second option is displayed called Flash in Silent. Keep this feature enabled just if your iPhone is in silent mode so that the flashlight is blinking.

You will now start to blink the flashlight when you receive a call. You may check by calling another person’s phone for a missed call. In addition, you can even make this more professional by setting a popular iPhone ringtone.  

Enabling flashlight blinks for calls and notifications is not only intended to show off but for many reasons, such as visual alerts; you can even use it if your iPhone is locked and silent. This guide is hopefully helpful to you. If you have any questions about this topic in your mind, please get in touch with us in the comments below.

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