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What is Google Sheets, how to use it and how to create Google Sheets

What is Google Sheets, In a new article? In this article, we will find out. What is Google Sheets, History of Google Sheets, Features of Google Sheets, How to Use Google Sheets, How to Create Google Sheets, and Learn Google Sheets?

Google Sheets is an alternative to Microsoft Excel that lets you create spreadsheets. But it doesn’t take up your computer’s storage to store data like Excel. Data in Google Sheets are stored in the cloud.

Today Google Sheets is used by all small and large businesses, personal use, etc., and all people need it too. So everyone needs to know about Google Sheets. If you read this article till the end, you will get all the information related to Google Sheets.

What are Google Sheets?

Google Sheets is a web-based spreadsheet program that Microsoft Excel Works like. You can edit, update, delete, etc. in Google Sheets and also share sheets with other people. Google Sheets G-Suite is a part of

your business And you can use Google Sheets for your personal use. All the options in Google Sheets are the same as in MS Excel. Since Google Sheets is a cloud-based program, it Does not take up storage. All you have to do is create the form and Google does the rest. Google keeps your sheet securely in its storage. Using Google Sheets makes it possible to create an Excel sheet.

You can share Google Sheets with multiple users in addition to one user, and everyone can work in a group. You can use Google Sheets both online and offline. If you know how to use Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets is also easy for you to use.

Google Sheets is free to use, you just have to use Google Sheets. A personal user is given 15GB of free cloud storage, the user can also expand their storage for a nominal charge. All Internet Devices support Google Sheets.

History of Google Sheets

By the way, Google owns Google Sheets. But few people know that Google Sheet was not created by Google. Google Sheets was created by 2 Web Technologies. who developed a web-based spreadsheet program and named it Excel 2 Web. But in 2006 Google bought this company.

Google then developed this spreadsheet accordingly and named it Google Spreadsheet. Google launched Google Spreadsheets to the general public in March 2006. In 2012, Google changed the name of the spreadsheet to Google Sheets, and since then the program has been known as Google Sheets.

Today, this program is providing its free service to people all over the world through the Internet.

Features of Google Sheets

Google Sheets has many great features that make your work easier. Here we have told you about some important features of Google Sheets.

1 – (Available for free) Available for free

Google Sheets is a free program that the user can use free. You don’t have to pay anything to use Google Sheets. However, for more than 15 GB of storage, you have to pay something.

2 – (Cloud-based program) Cloud-based program

Google Sheets is a cloud-based spreadsheet that automatically saves every word you type. Google all your data. Cloud storage is stored by

3 – (Multi-Device Support) Multi-Device Support

You can use Google Sheets on almost all Internet devices. Google Sheets can be used on all devices like smartphones, computers, tablets, etc.

4 – (Multi-user support) Multi-user support

You can create a Google Sheet and share it with multiple people, so multiple users can work on the same sheet in a group.

5 – (Offline Work) Offline work

You can use Google Sheets online as well as offline.

6 – (Easy to use) Easy to use

Google Sheets is very easy to use, if you have basic knowledge of Microsoft Excel then you can easily use Google Sheets.

7 – Multiple spreadsheets format support

Google Sheets supports a variety of spreadsheet formats such as .Xlsx, .Xls, .Xlsm, .Xlt, .Xltx, .Ods, .Csv, .Txt etc.

How to Create Google Sheets

You can create Google Data Sheets online from any internet device. Here we are telling you three ways through which you can create a Google Sheet very easily.

Through these three methods, you can easily access Google Sheets on your mobile and computer.

1 – Create a Google Sheet from Google Sheets Official Website

As we told you above, to use any of the Google products, you need to create a Google account without your own. Google account Can’t use any Google products. Through the official website of Google Sheets, you can create a Google Sheet in the following way.

  • Sign in with your Gmail ID
  • After that search by typing Google Sheets and open the official website of Google Sheets.
  • Now click on Go to Sheets option.
  • This will open Google Sheets in front of you. You can save by making your sheets.

2 – Create a Google Sheet with Google Drive

If you’re signed in with your Gmail ID in the Chrome browser, you can also open Google Sheets through Google Drive. For this follow the below-given process.

  • First, click on the right side of 9 dots (Google app) in the Chrome browser.
  • Open Google Drive
  • Now you click on the New button at the top left.
  • Here you will find the Google Sheets option, move the cursor over it.
  • You can now create Google Sheets using blank sheets or templates.

3 – Create Google Sheets with the mobile app

By the way, you can also create Google Sheets on mobile using the Google Drive application, but if you want, you can easily create Google Sheets on mobile by downloading Google Sheets. To create a sheet using the Google Sheets app, follow the steps below.

  • First, open the Play Store and search by typing Google Sheets in the search bar.
  • You will see this application in the first place, you can easily download it and install it on your mobile.
  • After installing Google Sheets, sign in with your Gmail ID.
  • After that, you can use Google Sheets on your smartphone very easily.

How to use Google Sheets

If you don’t know how to use Google Sheets, you can learn it, which we’ve told you more about in the article, but we’ll teach you how to do some Google Sheets tasks that people often miss. Let’s search.

How to Add Numbers to Google Sheets

Function With this you can easily add numbers. This is why people use Google Sheets.

You can add numbers to Google Sheets in two ways.

Add a number to a cell.

First, go to Google Sheets.

  • Click the cell where you want to put the number.
  • Type the number and press “Enter”.

Add numbers using a function.

  • First, open Google Sheets to add numbers.
  • Click the “Functions” button in the horizontal toolbar at the top of the screen.
  • Select the function you want to use (eg average).
  • Highlight the cell containing the numbers you want to apply the function to.
  • Finally, press “Enter”.

With which function we can add numbers in google sheets?

In the horizontal toolbar at the top of the screen in Google Sheets, You can add numbers using the function option.

How to Download Google Sheets

Downloading Google Sheets is very easy but many people face the problem that they create Google Sheets but are unable to download them to their computer. Follow the steps below to download Google Sheets.

  • First, open Google Drive on your computer or mobile.
  • Right-click on the sheets you want to download and click the 3 dots next to the sheets on mobile.
  • Here you will find the download option, by clicking on which you can easily download Google Sheets to your computer or mobile.

How to Share Google Sheets

You can also share Google Sheets with other people, and invite them to edit the sheets. The process for sharing Google Sheets is as follows.

  • First, open the sheets you want to share.
  • At the top corner, you will see the share option, click on it.
  • Enter the Gmail IDs of the people you want to share Sheets with.
  • After entering the Gmail ID, you define their role. You can hire them as editors, viewers, or commentators. The editor can edit the sheet, the viewer can only view the sheet and the commenter can comment.
  • Finally, click on the send button. This way you can share Google Sheets with anyone.

How to Learn Google Sheets

If you know how to use Excel on a computer, you can easily use Google Sheets, but if you don’t know how to use Excel, using Google Sheets can be a bit difficult for you. In this situation, you have to learn Google Sheets. You can learn how to use Google Sheets from some of the platforms mentioned below.

1 – Google Help and support center

Through this, you can learn to use Google Sheets very easily. Here is an article tutorial on how to use Google Sheets. Also, you can ask your questions in the community. With the help of Google Help Center, you will have no problem using Google Sheets.

2 – Learn Google Sheets by reading blogs.

The Internet is a repository of knowledge, here you will find complete information about everything. Many websites teach how to use Google Sheets. On these websites, you will find all the information about Google Sheets in the form of articles. Some websites We have told you below that there are Google Sheets tutorials.

3 – Watching YouTube videos

You can also learn how to use Google Sheets by watching Google Sheets tutorial videos on YouTube. With a little search on YouTube, you will find many video tutorials, from which you can learn how to use Google Sheets step-by-step.

4 – Learn MS Office.

You can learn MS Office at an offline computer center. MS Office training teaches you how to use all Microsoft products, including Excel. If you learn how to use Excel, you can easily learn Google Sheets as well.

Last Words

In this article, we have Google What are sheets? Google Sheet Of History, Properties, And Google Sheet How to create Complete information provided. Along with this, we have also told you about some resources to learn Google Sheets. You can use Google Sheets for your business and personal use.

Hope you liked this article written by us, also share this article with your friends and if you have any queries related to your google sheet then you can tell in the comment box.

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