Is Pakistan’s Leading Fintech Changing its Name?

Eidi is one of the most anticipated aspects of the holiday and the delectable cuisine and social opportunities.

Children anxiously anticipate Eidi from their elders, while adults must dig deep into their own pockets to make the little ones happy. Either way, Eidi is an essential element of the celebrations.

For many of us, Eid will be a memorable occasion this year since we will be able to enjoy it with our families once again.

Despite the epidemic, the traditional manner of sending and receiving Eidi gifts has remained unchanged. However, the digital way of sending and receiving money has undergone revolutionary change.

Days before Eid-ul-Fitr, Easypaisa, a well-known Pakistani payments app, altered its brand name from Easypaisa to eidipaisa, echoing the same theme.

Easypaisa has revolutionized the method in which we conduct monetary transactions in Pakistan. With the help of the Easypaisa app, you no longer have to stand in lengthy lines at banks or other financial institutions to send or receive money or perform different sorts of digital payments.

Brands seldom take such a risk, but this was an excellent one to capture the spirit of Eid and incorporate it into their whole brand identity.

The digital system of “eidipaisa” has made it easy for family members, friends, and acquaintances to donate eidi to those they care about most. In addition, withdrawing money for children is no longer a time-consuming ordeal, and you no longer have to wait in huge lines at ATMs to do it.

What’s the finest part for people who have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of their eidis? If your wallets are empty, there are no longer excuses. Using eidipaisa is as simple as A, B, and C.

There is nothing more to do than downloading the app, tapping the eidi symbol, and personalizing the message with a unique theme and message for the recipient.

Online banking or linked debit or credit cards are other methods of funding the Easypaisa app.

As a result of Easypaisa’s unique methods and ideas, our society has been transformed.

Easypaisa has always been ahead of the curve in fintech because of its ability to quickly and easily manage your finances in the digital age.

Transferring money via a digital medium is not only convenient and quick, but also allows users to use the money they receive in multiple ways within the app, including purchasing data bundles of all networks, paying utility bills, doing easy loads and purchasing vouchers, or paying for their favorite products and services with ease.

And what’s even better? Users of all mobile networks can get to it, no matter where they are.

And from whom are you most anticipating receiving Eid this Eid?

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