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Adani Green Share Price Target: We are going to talk about a very large company in the renewable energy sector. If the name Adani Green Energy Company comes to your mind when you are thinking absolutely right (Adani Green Share Price). Adani Green Energy is a flagship company of the Adani Group. The company has become the largest company in the Adani group in terms of market capitalization.

Every share of Adani Group is always in demand in the market. There are 2 main reasons for this. First, every share of Adani Group has earned its investors a lot of money. Another reason is that all Adani Group shares are considered strong in the market. Similar to the identity maintained by companies like Tata Group and Reliance Industries, Adani Group’s share price is very popular and reliable in the stock market.

Adani Green is one of the largest companies in India. As of today, the market capitalization of this company is 3.32 lakh crores. Now the question must be rising in your mind if you want to invest in this company, what is the future of this company, or how much its share price can increase?

So today let us tell you about the business development and future of this company. Along with this, we will also tell you where the share of this company may go in 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, and 2030 and whether you should invest in this company or not. We will also share with you some tips that will help you buy shares of this company at the right price.

Adani Green Share Price Target Information

Adani Green is India’s largest renewable energy company, developing wind and solar power. Its power generation capacity is 12.3 GW. The headquarters of this company is located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. As of today, the company has a project portfolio of 13,990 MW and assets under construction of 20,284 MW.

Adani Green Energy has signed a major deal with Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI). Under this agreement, the company will provide 4,667 MW of green power. This deal is considered to be the biggest deal in the world so far. After the news of this deal came to the market, the share price of Adani Green has seen a significant increase.

Adani Green Energy Share Price History

The share of Adani Green was 50 rupees at one time and with the arrival of the corona era, this stock has increased a lot, which was 50 rupees before the arrival of the corona, today it has accelerated after the corona era. . 2,100 exceeded Rs. Talking about the work of the company, the main work of this company is to build solar power projects. This company has already given huge returns to its investors and the company has the potential to generate even more returns in the future.

This company has presented many facts that show that this company is one of the best companies to invest in. While this company has grown very well over the years, on the other hand, it has also faced many allegations. Due to this the price of this company’s shares also decreased several times. But the company recovered from that very quickly, which is good.

Adani Green Share Growth

As we told you above that at one time the share price of Adani Green was Rs.50 and today its share price is around Rs.2000. This gives you an idea of ​​how much this stock has grown in the past few years.

So far this year, Adani Green’s share price has seen an increase of over 123%. And if we talk about its returns to date, this company has given more than 7,057% return to its investors. This means if you had invested Rs 1,00,000 in this company in 2018, your Rs 1,00,000 would have become Rs 70,57,000 today. Think how much profit this company is earning you.

Adani Green Energy Share Price Target 2022

This company’s performance track looks pretty good. If you study about this company yourself, you will be very happy to see its performance. In a very short span of time this company expanded its business and strengthened its grip as well as made its mark in other countries, hardly seen in any other company.

This company is constantly taking up new projects. Which is a very good thing. The company is also resorting to debt to complete these projects. The company has taken a loan of Rs 5500 crore from the government to complete the projects it has taken up.

We should carefully study the fundamentals of the company and also see how much debt the company has taken. All these things help us in investment decisions. By the end of 2022, the share price of the company may increase drastically, by the end of 2022, its share price may go up to Rs 2400 per share.

Adani Green Energy Share Price Target 2023

Adani Green’s business is doing very well and the company will see further growth in the coming time or few years. The customer base of this company has increased as compared to earlier. Apart from this, the producer of this company is Gautam Adani who is ranked 10th on the list of richest people in the world.

Adani Green Company has shown very good performance in meeting supply and demand. This company has increased its customer base by 97% compared to last year which is very good. The company is constantly trying to win the trust of its customers and attract new customers.

This will give the company a lot of profit and the people who have invested in the company will also get a lot of profit. By 2023, the share price of this company can be seen to increase. We believe that by 2023 the share price of this company can go up to Rs 2800.

Adani Green Energy Share Price Target 2024

India has done a lot in renewable energy over the years. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also mentioned renewable energy several times in his talks and has tried to promote it. And this company has made a lot of recognition at the international level as well. Due to this, the company has got a lot of profit. And the company has also distributed dividends to many of its investors.

If you continue to invest in this company for a long time, you will see this company grow even bigger. This company is giving competition to big companies. And Gautam Adani also has his hand at the helm, so the company doesn’t have to worry about its future.

Many international companies have also shown their trust in Adani Green and have invested in it. This has helped the company a lot in expanding its business. Adani Green has also received many projects from the Government of India and has signed many contracts for the future as well. If we talk about its 2024 share price target, we think this company can set a record of Rs 3200.

Adani Green Energy Share Price Target 2025

Adani Green Company is fundamentally very strong. This company has given very good results every year compared to the previous year. Most companies become profitable after being in the stock market for a long period of time. And even a big company like Adani Green has won the hearts of people in the share market in a very short period of time. This stock has always been a topic of debate.

But if there is any bad news then we also see share price fall. What we mean is that the Adani Green stock does not always rise but its share price has also seen a fall several times. We can also call it healthy reform.

But we need not fear it. Rather, at such a juncture, we should buy more shares of this company. Now if we talk about the future price target of this company, i.e. talk about its share price target of 2025, then we think its share price can go beyond Rs.4000.

Adani Green Share Price Target 2030

Just as people are gradually shifting from petrol cars to electric cars and bikes to save the environment. Similarly, people are gradually adopting the concept of renewable energy and using solar panels to generate energy. People are resorting to such companies to avoid the increased risk of pollution.

By 2030, Adani Green could become the world’s largest renewable green energy source. The company has started its preparations for this. The company is continuously engaged in increasing its revenue and profits. So that both the company and its investors can benefit from it.

If this company continues to grow its business in this way and the government also gives its full support to this company, then this company can increase the investors’ money by 10 times. In 2030, according to us, the share price of this company can go up to Rs 6000.

Should I invest in Adani Green Share or not?

Adani Green Company is a very good company to invest. But before investing in any company, we should know the exact share price of that company. According to us, the share price of this company is currently at a high level. We should think a little before investing and wait for the right time.

If you want to invest your money in this company for the long term then you should wait a bit. When the share price of that company falls slightly, you buy and sell its shares. Your money will double in no time.

If you want to invest in this company only for some time then you can buy it now and sell it when the share price of this company reaches 2500-2550. And if its share price falls in the future, you should invest in it and make money.

Tips to Buy Adani Green Shares

So far we have told you how Adani Green’s share price can perform in 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, and 2030 and whether we should invest in it or not. Now we will give you some tips that will help you to buy shares of this company and earn money from it.

Our first advice would be to buy this share by adopting an on-dips strategy. This means, for example, that you buy 10 shares of the stock when it falls 5%, then buy another 10 shares when it falls another 5%, then repeat on the next fall.

By doing this, you will not get the stock expensive and you will also reduce your chances of taking a loss if the price falls after you buy the shares. Our second suggestion is that if you want, you can also buy shares of other Adani group companies. When there is good news, you buy shares of another company in the Adani group.

Because good news from Adani Group also increases the share price of its other companies. This will allow you to earn more profit.

Our third piece of advice to you would be that whenever the market is bullish or bearish, you should never buy shares in bullishness and you should never sell the stocks you bought when there is a recession. First, find out the reason for the increase or decrease in share price and then take your decision accordingly.

Our fourth and final advice to you would be to check how much debt the company has taken before investing in any company. You should not invest in a company that has a lot of debt, which may take years to pay off. You invest your money in a company that is debt free or has very little debt.

Adani Green Company Share – FAQs

Adani Green Company belongs to which sector company?

Adani Green is a company in the renewable energy sector.

What is the future of Adani Green Share?

The share of Adani Green Company may go up to Rs.6000 in the future. For more information, you can read our article written above.

How much debt does Adani Green Company have?

You can read our above article for this information.

Who owns Adani Green?

Gautam Adani owns Adani Green.

What is Adani Green’s share rate?

Today Adani Green’s share rate is hovering around Rs.2100.

We hope this article will be very helpful for you. And our given tips will be very useful for you and you will be able to earn a lot of money from the stock market.


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