How to Delete WhatsApp Messages After the Time Limit

WhatsApp also knows that this is a frequent problem faced every day by most people, and it provides a feature to delete your message after it has been sent. You will see Delete for all by selecting and tapping the Delete button. By clicking, even media files from the smartphone of the recipient will be deleted.  

There is a 1-hour time limit until you can delete the WhatsApp messages. The option to delete the message for everybody disappears after that time limit is crossed. We are sometimes late to delete the message in due time, and we want to do it later. This may seem impossible, but you may delete your WhatsApp messages using a simple method in this post even beyond the limit. Let’s start now!  

Delete WhatsApp messages for everyone after the time limit

We will update the date and time of your phone to the moment when you have sent your message. This will trick WhatsApp to think that the time limit isn’t reached yet, and therefore, you may use the Delete for everyone feature to delete the message you have sent mistakenly. But, of course, you also have to force the WhatsApp stop to run in the background before that.  

This step-by-step explanation highlights how to delete WhatsApp messages for everyone after the time limit.  

Note down the date and time of your message

This is important as the date and time of the message will be changed. So open the WhatsApp conversation and note down when you sent your message exactly.  

Turn off mobile data and Wi-Fi

First, you must ensure your phone is not connected to the internet before everything else. So, disable the Wi-Fi and mobile data from the notification panel. This method will not work if your phone is connected to the internet.  

Force stop WhatsApp

This must stop WhatsApp from running in the background, so it typically responds to your phone’s changed date and time. From the app settings, you can force WhatsApp to stop. Go to Settings >> Apps, find WhatsApp, and see the Force Stop button in the application information. Once WhatsApp has been stopped, please do not open it again until the date and time are changed.  

How to Delete WhatsApp Messages After the Time Limit

Change your phone date and time

The tricky part now comes here. To match the time you send your WhatsApp message, you must change the date and time of your smartphone. Your phone should be automatically set to update by default.  

How to Delete WhatsApp Messages After the Time Limit

Just open the Settings app on your phone and search for the date and time options to manually update your date and time. Now turn off the automated date and time feature and manually adjust it.  

Delete your WhatsApp message after the time limit

You are almost there now. You only have to open your WhatsApp and delete the message as usual. Select the message first, press delete, and then see Delete for All option. This option was not previously available. It is only unlocked once your phone has changed the date and time.  

How to Delete WhatsApp Messages After the Time Limit

  Once you click, you will permanently delete your message from your phone and delete media first, enable the mobile or Wi-Fi data; only then is it possible for WhatsApp to apply the changes.  

Change your phone date and time to automatic again

When you do the task, you don’t have to change the time and date. Just go back to the settings and switch to Auto Mode. It changes your date and time automatically to the current state.  

So, when the time limit cross, you can delete WhatsApp for everyone. Please note that there’s no point in deleting it if the recipient has already seen the message. This trick is only helpful if the message is unseen. You can post the comments below if you have any questions in your mind about this topic.

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