Namanzoor.Com Pk Official Website By PTI Ex-PM Imran Khan

Namanzoor.com, Imran Khan’s site, was just built to collect funds from Pakistanis. The donation would be used to fund the costs of Imran’s campaign against Imran Khan’s political transition, who is attempting to hold the election in Pakistan as quickly as possible.

Namanzoor, the title of a famous Pakistani site, sprang to life & expanded on Twitter thanks to the voices of Pakistanis. In only one week, the trend “Imported Govt Namazoor” attracted 15 million tweets from nearly 7 million individuals.

What Is namanzoor com pk

On Friday, April 15, 2022, Ex Imran Khan, PTI chairman, launched the namanzoor.com site to collect donations from Pakistanis residing outside the country. If you believe in giving through Namanzoor’s website, go to PK by PTI. Then, click the provided button to access the website.

namanzoor.com website PTI

Here are some basic information about namanzoor.com website:

Namena manzoor com portal
ByImran Khan
ForOverseas Pakistanis
Start Date15 April 2022
Website Addressnamanzoor.com

Note: You cannot access this site in Pakistan since it is just for our abroad Pakistanis. This site is only available from other countries.

How to make a donation on Namanzoor.com

Anyone may donate to PTI by using Namanzoor com PK’s official PTI Portal.

  • Go to www.namanzoor.com is the official site.
  • After clicking the “donate” button.
  • You will be redirected to the second page, where you must complete a form.
  • Complete the form with your information and hit the submit button.
  • Following that, select a payment option.
  • “Paypal” and “Credit Card” will be the two options.

Enter Your bank information and then click Next.

Afterward, you have completed it, and you will be issued a receipt and your contribution payment.


Some Instructions for na manzoor com funding

  • The URL of the website is www.namanzoor.com
  • Also, do not donate in the same name.
  • The website went down due to heavy traffic on the website.
  • Since this website is only for Pakistanis abroad, you cannot open it from Pakistan.
  • This is done so that the website does not overload the server.
  • This website is operational for all countries outside Pakistan.
  • If you are having any problems, express it in the comment box.

Why Namanzoor.com Website Is Not Working

PTI’s recently launched website in Pakistan by Imran Khan, Imported Govt Na Manzoor, has crashed because of heavy traffic from foreign Pakistanis.

Following his comments, thousands of Pakistanis began giving to the PTI via the namanzoor.com portal. The traffic on this site was so high that visitors had to wait in line to donate.

This is how the website looks.

Please utilize the following official PTI webpage, which we have dubbed NaManzoor, for any Imran Khan admirers living in other countries who want to know how they may donate financially.

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