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Using a single unified database, gamers from all around the world may communicate with one another. In addition, you can now play as many online games as you like. Playing online games could sound like a beautiful experience, but it can be not very pleasant at times.

For example, you could have difficulty hearing what your rival is saying. There are times when the voice problems are so aggravating that you want to give away your headsets. The ability to communicate while gaming is essential effectively. Something Discord can do for you is aid with that.

To maintain a better game experience, this online network allows users to communicate with one another in real-time. It will enable you to communicate with your buddies by voice, text message, and video. Furthermore, it serves as a central hub for millions of users to communicate with one another.

However, Discord is known for being a platform for voice and video chat. In addition, users worldwide love the platform since it provides such a terrific gaming experience.

Discord’s sign-up process is really simple. The platform’s features may be accessed by opening it in your browser or downloading the Discord app.

How do you understand whenever the Discord profile was first set up? For example, a buddy could be using Discord, and you would like to know when they first joined. To figure out when your acquaintance started using Discord, you may use the Discord API.

MEE6 and Dyno are just two of the many bots that populate Discord. But, of course, there are genuine people on Discord, and if you want to find out how old an account is, make sure you are looking for a real person.

Discord Age Checker by WikiTechLibrary is the fastest and most accurate way to find out how old your Discord account is and when it was created. Using this approach, you can find out exactly when a Discord account was started. Is it all right with you? Let’s get started now.

Here’s Discord Age Checker

Open Discord Age Checker to see when the Discord profile was created. If everything is correct, you will join the Discord server. So there you have it; the date on which your Discord account was started will be displayed next.

Note that: Discord ID’s developer mode must be active, and Streamer mode must be disabled. It is because you would not see when your account was created if you did not have this.

You would be able to see exactly when the account was created using this tool. Almost every Discord user may take advantage of this method. Everything that you want to understand about a Discord user could well be found in a few easy steps.

Steps to Check Someone Discord Account Age

  • Open the Discord account of the person whose account details you must check.
  • Now copy the profile ID of that person’s account.
  • Visit WikiTechLibrary’s Discord Age Checker.
  • Paste the id into the provided field.
  • It will show the name of the account profile and the date when it was created.

Settings to Check Discord Account Age

  • Open the Discord profile and click on “user settings.”
  • Scroll down the page; the “Streamer Mode” option can be found. This mode must be turned off.
  • Enable developer mode by clicking on “Appearance.”
  • After that, you can check the date of anyone’s Discord account creation.


Using this simple method, you can learn a lot about a Discord subscriber. It is an excellent way to know when someone first created their Discord account and be helpful.

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