What is an IP address? How to find your IP address?

The use of the internet is increasing day by day. Information is called data in computer language. We use the Internet to send them from one computer system to another. Now, just as the sender’s address and recipient’s address are necessary for sending a letter, so that the letter reaches the correct address, in, the same way IP address is used for the correct transfer of data from one computer to another. Thus, in common parlance, an IP address serves as the address of a computer in the Internet world.

What is an IP address?

The IP address is the short form of the Internet Protocol address. Any device be it a computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile that has internet access or runs on the internet has a unique address or ID in the internet world. It happens This is called the Internet Protocol address of the device i.e. IP address. Without an IP address, you cannot enter the Internet world with your device. And you can’t even send data from one device to another. Each de has its own unique IP address.

The IP address of any device is created using binary numbers. It’s hard to remember. That is why it is divided into four different parts with the help of decimals. Each segment can contain any number from 0 to 255. For example, the IP address is something like –
Out of all possible IP addresses, three IPs. Thspeciallyre especially preserved. which are as follows-

  • The first is which is the default IP. I know.
  • The second is a broadcast address.
  • Third and last is a specific IP address. This IP address reports your own device. And this IP address is also called loopback for all addresses.

For all these IP addresses, IPv4 means IP created under Internet Protocol version 4. There are leaves.

Versions of IP Addresses –

There are two versions of IP address –

  1. IPv4 and
  2. IPv6

1) IPv4 (Internet Protocol Version 4):- IPv4 is the fourth version of the Internet Protocol. Which IP address is used to identify any device? IP addresses generated under this are 32 bits long. Under this 4,29,49,67,296 IP addresses can be created, IP. Addresses are reserved for special purposes. such as and Due to the limited number of IP address creation capabilities, after some time problems in creating new IP addresses started to appeal Due to this a new version of Internet Protocol was needed.

2) IPv6 (Internet Protocol Version 6):- IPv6 is the sixth version of the Internet. It is a new and improved version of IPv4 (Internet Protocol Version 4). IP addresses generated under this are 128 bits long. This version of Internet Protocol can create 340,282,366,920,938,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 IP addresses which is enough to run the Internet facility smoothly for a very long time.

Types of IP Addresses –

There are two addresses of IP addresses, the first is One is a private IP address and the other is Public IP Address –

(1) Private IP Address – A private network is created when two or more computer systems or devices together using cable or wireless networking. and data exchange. Therefore, this private network is assigned a separate IP address. The IP addresses of all computer systems or devices connected to this private network are called private IP addresses.

(2) Public IP Address – Public IP addresses are provided by Internet Service Providers. Through which your device gets recognized in the outside internet world. Also, every device is different IP.

The public IP addresses can also be of two types. There is one Static IP address And there is another Dynamic IP address |

A static IP address does not change. It is often used for web hosting. It must be purchased from an Internet Service Provider.

On the other hand, the dynamic IP address keeps changing. At a time each time you establish a connection to the Internet. So it assigns any IP address to your device from the available IP address. When you reconnect to the Internet. So it assigns you a new IP address.

How to Know Your IP Address –

There are two ways to find out your IP address. The first method is with the help of the Internet and the second is with the help of the command prompt.

(1) With the help of the Internet To find the IP address in this way, you need to open your Internet browser and type itIPwhat is my IP After that login have to log in. This will give you your IP address.

(2) With the help of a command prompt- In this way, to find out your IP address, you have to go to the start menu of your computer and type run, after that you have to type cmd in the run box and click OK, this will open your command prompt. Ga, now you can. Enter a command in config type config and press ENTER. You will then see your IP address information here.

How to get your public IP address –

If the device is connected directly to the Internet. So your public IP address. The easiest way to find your public IP address. Ask yourself: Open your device type what is my IP on Google or search for what is my IP address? Google will immediately tell you your public IP address.

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