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What is a zip file? | How to create zip file?

Zip File – Friends, today is the age of technology. And in this age of technology, everything has become easier. You should use WhatsApp Facebook and other social media sites daily. At the same time, you may be sharing your work documents, etc.

But when you have to share multiple documents. Then you may have trouble. The first problem is sending more documents over and over again. And the other problem is that in these more documents, you want to keep a lot of documents in the same category. This means some documents belong to the same project. Each project has different documentation.

But when you send it all together. So it’s all rolled into one. In such a situation if you keep the documents on your computer as well. Even then you’ll have trouble finding it again and again. Also whoever you send these documents to will have a lot of difficulty in collecting these documents.

So this is the best way for you. Convert all documents of a single project into a zip file and send. This way you create a separate zip file for each project. So you’ll also have a problem with who you’re shipping with. There will be no problem in reading it either.

What is a zip file?

When different files or documents are compressed and converted into one file. So it is called a zip file. You can also understand it this way. That is when you put many documents or items in a bag and close its zip chain. And now you can send it anywhere. Likewise, a zip file also makes it easy to combine multiple files and share them with others. By converting the documents into a zip file, you can easily send them via email, etc.

How to create a zip file?

Friends you can use 2 ways to create a zip file from a computer or laptop. Here we are going to show you how to generate a key file in both ways.

1st method

To convert any file into a zip file, you must already have such software installed on your computer. which supports zip files. If your computer does not already have such software. So you download and install it. WinRAR software is one such software.

  • To create a zip file, first, select all these files. which you want to convert to a zip file.
  • Now right-click on these files. And click Add to Archive.
  • Now here you will see the Zip option as shown in the image. Click on it and OK.
  • When OK, a zip file will be created on your computer. Now you can share it anywhere.

2nd method

Converting any file to a zip file is very easy. For this, you have to follow the steps given below.

  • First, select all the files you want to convert into a zip file.
  • Now right-click on the files. Here you will see Send To option.
  • On clicking the send option, you will see the compressed (zip) folder option.
  • Clicking on it will create a zip file on your computer. Now you can share it anytime anywhere.

This way you can convert multiple documents into one zip file. Which will keep your data completely safe. And then you can share it anywhere. You can also put a password on these files. So that no one else can open and read your documents. Only the person you tell your password will be able to open the file.

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