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Instagram Age Checker – Find Instagram Account Age

As the number of individuals using Instagram continues to grow, this social platform puts all of the required measures to protect their interests and offer them a secure and fair environment. Even if you’re a regular Social media user, you could be interested in the date on which a specific user first started using the site.

When a brand wants to impact marketing and business, the account setup date is helpful. However, many people purchase fake followers to give the impression that they are authorized.

The best part is that identifying a person’s Instagram account creation date is no longer a difficult task. With the About It on this Account Option, users can determine when their account was registered or created within the app.

This option has been implemented by the platform to prevent fraud. For example, it enables everyone to know the date the account was created, the country where it was created, and the previous usernames, and avoid individuals from creating fake accounts.

This option is only available to famous and well-known persons who have a large number of followers and a verified accounts.

Instagram explicitly permits users to acquire the account information of these verified accounts to avoid fraud as possible for all users.

What about the more traditional profiles?

If you want to know if somebody’s Instagram account was created, you could use our Insta Age Checker by WikiTechLibrary tool (provided below).

Find the Instagram Account Age

There is a means to know the age of an Instagram account. First, go to a person’s profile and click on the three dots next to About This Account. Following the selection of “About This Account,” you will be able to view the time started the account on the “Date Joined” page.

However, his option is only available to famous and popular users with verified accounts.

Here’s how to go about it:

  • Open the Instagram application.
  • Go to the user’s profile and click on the three dots.
  • To learn more about this account, go to About this Account.
  • It can show the date on which the Insta account was created.
Instagram Age Checker – Find the Instagram Account Age

Other data, such as the country’s name, previous usernames, and profiles with mutual followers, can be found in this section.

Other Ways to Find the Instagram Account Age

Instagram Age Checker

Start by using the Insta Age Checker by WikiTechLibrary to find when someone creates an Instagram account. Then enter the Insta username and use the “find age” button to find it. The specific date on which the Instagram profile was created will be shown.

Analyze Instagram Profile

Instagram is mainly used by people to share images of their daily lives with their friends and family. Put another way; there is an excellent possibility that users will share their posts immediately within a few days of setting up their accounts.

Scroll down your profile until you reach the first post and follow the instructions. First, you will find the date on which the specific image was posted by its owner. That is most probably the date on which the individual created their account.

Users can go months without posting any content to their accounts. In addition, our Insta Age Checker can be used to determine the age of an individual’s Instagram profile.


The steps mentioned above will help to find the age of an Ig account, which will provide you with insight into the validity of the account’s owner.

No influencer can be successful on this network in less than 2-3 days. They must keep a stable stream of high-quality and exciting material on the site to maintain the interest of their intended audience.

Suppose a user has been active on the platform for an extended period. In that case, there is a strong probability that they have real followers and a large amount of expertise in marketing and advertising.

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