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How to Use ChatGPT to Write Essays That Impress

ChatGPT has dipped its virtual toes in almost every sector since its beginnings. While it began humbly, the AI chatbot has earned abilities because of the new GPT-4 LLM. With the ability to produce complex code, blog articles, essays, and much more, the chatbot can do a lot. But, our primary focus is essays and how they may be written using ChatGPT.

If you are struggling with writer’s block, you will be relieved to discover that ChatGPT can help you. We have produced a dedicated guide on how to use ChatGPT for the essay outline and creation easily. Now put on your reading glasses and let’s get started.

Use ChatGPT to Find Essay Topics

We need a good topic and its details for our essay before we perform anything else. Your professor or supervisor may have given you a general idea. This will effectively drive all of the processes, so it must be powerful. If you already have an idea for a subject, you can use ChatGPT to get an overview by clicking the button below. For those who do not, we will use ChatGPT to explore and confirm an essay topic.

  • Log in to the network and enter the following command into ChatGPT:

Can you suggest five interesting topics for my essay? “Write a general research essay about electric cars and their good or bad impact on the environment.” Kindly give me a general idea of how I should approach them.”

  • As you can see, ChatGPT provided some useful suggestions for our writing. If you want to make changes to the idea, you may ask the chatbot to remove and change any portions of it. You can request more context in certain sections. “Expand further on subject number 5 and what it means,” for example.

Ask ChatGPT to Write an Outline

Currently, we require an outline for our ChatGPT essay, which we will use when composing our article. While the topics listed above inspire, we now want a structure for our essay. Here’s how you can go about it:

  • In the same chat, put “Give me an essay outline.” Keep everything structured since I’ll utilize it to write my essay.” In this case, I’ll select topic number two because it corresponds to what I had in mind.
  • We now have an organized plan for our essay, as you can see above. We may use this to prepare our essay or we can have ChatGPT do it for us. Now, it’s an excellent beginning. As always, you may have the AI chatbot cut off sections of the outline or add new ones based on your needs.

Get ChatGPT to Cite Sources for Your Essay

Even if we have a concept and a plan, we will need to complete research to support our essay. Luckily, ChatGPT can assist you here. Users can receive a general idea of where to search for gathering information because the chatbot is competent at moderate research. Let us get started.

Even with GPT-4, the dataset for ChatGPT is still restricted to November 2021. This implies that you will not receive fully up-to-date references for your essay. Always take the sources provided by ChatGPT with a grain of salt and augment them with your research.

  • Let’s start by requesting sources from ChatGPT. With the same chat window open, enter the following prompt:

Make a list of at least ten sources that I can utilize to study the topic we’ve chosen. Make sure to only recommend sites that have a solid history of accuracy and legitimacy.

  • We now have a list of ten sources that we can select. But, you can see in some of them that ChatGPT references the year 2021. It is best to use these websites for research purposes, but just for the most recent pages relating to your essay. This applies to all topics, therefore always follow it. Additionally, chatbots like ChatGPT tend to hallucinate and falsify information, so take care.

Have ChatGPT Write the Essay

Now comes the exciting part. To write our essay, we must use all of the information provided above. Because ChatGPT already knows all of the contextual information, it only needs a prompt to begin writing. Many institutions are outfitted with the latest AI plagiarism checkers to identify ChatGPT. Make sure you never completely use the essay and simply use it for inspiration.

  • In the same chat, enter the following prompt: “Generate a 700-word essay using the topic and outline provided.” Make an effort to make it organized, concise, and informative. Keep in mind who my target audience is, and cater to them accordingly.”
  • ChatGPT may stop and not respond in the middle of an essay. Simply type “Continue,” and the essay will be completed.

And just like that, we’ve completed our essay! It may use some additional editing or a slight change in tone. Let us now proceed to the next step.

Edit the Essay with ChatGPT

Whether you used ChatGPT to develop a whole essay or wrote it yourself, you may take this process to make ChatGPT your grammar checker. While your essay may require a first review by a human, you can utilize the bot to smooth out the tone and add minor details.

This step will assist to give your essay more personality and make it more relevant to the audience. We will execute an example edit on the essay ChatGPT created. What you must do is as follows:

Open the same chat or have your essay already copied to the clipboard. After that, write the following prompt:

I am sending you an essay (insert essay). Make it more engaging and relevant to your target audience. You might include more catchy and unique sentences. Additionally, be sure to check the essay for grammatical errors.

We also have our edited essays. As I compare the two, I see that ChatGPT made some word enhancements while also removing 10+ words. Depending on your preferences, you could want to make more changes or keep some lines. In such a case, simply ask ChatGPT to restore certain lines or more words, and it will do so.

Export the Essay for Submission

All we need to do now that we have our final essay is export it. Unfortunately, ChatGPT’s capabilities in this area are restricted. If you need to export the essay, just copy the content and delete the extra spaces in a word processor. This will provide you with a completely supplied essay to submit or make last-minute changes to.

But, if you want to export the essay in a more visually attractive format, we have just the thing for you. There are several top ChatGPT Chrome extensions available on the internet right now. If you want to show off your essay, we have one such pick linked in our list that can convert selected chats into beautiful image formats.

ChatGPT Alternatives to Write Essays

If you are unable to use ChatGPT or just choose to try another service, we have you covered there as well. There are several AI apps available that use ChatGPT to generate exceptional essays or research papers. You can utilize any of these to complete the steps outlined above and achieve a good outcome. See some of the top ChatGPT applications for essays.


When it comes to creating content using ChatGPT, Writesonic is a reliable platform. While it is also available as a chatbot, Writesonic offers a variety of textual tools that not only assist in the creation of essays but also fill them out from the start. Writesonic has several alternatives, one of which is “AI Article Writer 4.0,” that you could utilize for your purposes.

The tool assists in the creation of essays on many topics. It may also be used to generate SEO keywords, full-scale outlines, and, eventually, an article based on it all. Writesonic is free for the first 10,000 words, after which you must pay $12.67 per month.


Ryter is another useful AI writing aid that can assist with not just essays but also other forms of articles. The intelligence of the service is provided by a language model. Rytr has 40+ use cases and 20+ writing tones for various forms of written material. It even supports 30+ languages for people who don’t want to stick with English.

While we had to use ChatGPT to alter certain items, Rytr says its content requires only minor editing. Rytr starts at $29 per month, so have a look at this AI writing service. Check out these great ChatGPT alternatives if you want to use AI even more.

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