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How to Save and Share ChatGPT Conversations

ChatGPT is an AI chatbot that is jam-packed with potential. You might have already tested with the chatbots and had several chats using the best ChatGPT prompts available. However, there may be situations when you would like to share the AI’s incredible or bizarre responses with others. But how do you save and share your ChatGPT chats with your loved ones? You have come to the perfect place because that’s exactly what we are going to explain to you in this comprehensive guide.

How to Save ChatGPT Conversations

While you can save chats by renaming them, this may not be the best option for everyone. Sometimes you would like to download the chats or keep those conversations locally, ChatGPT lacks this feature. However, there are multiple ChatGPT Chrome extensions available.

1. Use a Browser Extension

ChatGPT Prompt Genius, a helpful browser plugin that allows you to easily save ChatGPT conversations in several formats, is our choice here. For this tutorial, we are using Chrome and macOS, but the processes are the same on Windows as well. Let’s go forward and save a ChatGPT chat now.

  • Get the ChatGPT Prompt Genius extension (Link) and then select “Add to Chrome.”
  • After that, go to ChatGPT. The extension will be activated automatically, and the UI will change somewhat from ChatGPT. Click the “Share & Export” option in the conversation, then select the appropriate format. You can save the chat as a PDF, PNG, or MD file, or share it as a link.
  • When you choose your preferred format, the extension will begin saving your ChatGPT conversations. If you select the PDF option, the chat will be downloaded in PDF format.

And just like that, we’ve successfully saved our ChatGPT chat. You can share this PDF file as well as convert it into multiple formats. We also propose SaveGPT (Link), a helpful browser extension, for those interested in trying out additional extensions.

2. Saved Conversations

ChatGPT already saves conversations on your account, which may or may not surprise users. When you start a chat, it is automatically added to the sidebar. The conversation takes its name after the first question to the bot.

If you want to return to an important ChatGPT chat in the future, we recommend renaming it. Rename your chat by clicking the “pencil” symbol next to the title. You may rename the chat according to your interests and choices. Once completed, this ChatGPT conversation will be saved in the cloud under that name and is always available to you.

How to Share ChatGPT Conversations

1. Use a Browser Extension

To share ChatGPT conversations, we will once again use a browser extension. Our preferred extension is ShareGPT, a web browser extension that makes sharing your AI chats easy. If you don’t want to share files and instead would like to share a link, ShareGPT will serve you well. Let’s get started with installing and using it.

  • Get the ShareGPT extension (Link) from the Chrome web store by pressing “Add to Chrome.”
  • Simply return to ChatGPT and you will find a “Share” button. Simply go to the chat that you intend to share and press this button.
  • A new browser tab with the particular ChatGPT conversation you were on will open. You will also receive a unique URL to share with others. You can now send this URL to anyone in any format, and they will be allowed to access ChatGPT conversations without difficulty.

2. Share Downloaded Conversations

Sharing ChatGPT chats is quite simple if you applied the above Chrome extension method to download them.

Just attach the file that you downloaded using the method above to any email you want to share. You may share ChatGPT conversation files via other means, such as messengers and even USB files.

This is cross-platform, so there will be no problems doing so. So, if you care about formatting, use the above method to share your conversations.

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