How to Know if Someone has Blocked You on Facebook?

It does not feel comfortable if you can’t immediately see your friends in the list on friends of your Facebook. There is some doubt in your mind as to why you are not on your friend’s list, whether you disabled or deleted your account, without providing any reason.

Or if you’ve been blocked? Let’s suppose that someone blocks you if you have any doubt, but you’re not positive and want to find out. And read the complete care of this post. In this post, you’ll learn about the way you should find out who blocked you on Facebook.  

You will not mark them in a post if anyone blocks you. It is also a sign that you become unfriendly or have been blocked. In addition, you cannot invite this person to activities or groups. Let’s assume you’re creating an event and you can’t invite the guy; then it shows you are unfriendly or blocked.

Furthermore, you can no longer see their messages in your Facebook feed. Facebook does not provide you with any notification when someone blocks you from being mysterious.

How to Know if Someone has Blocked You on Facebook?

Moreover, you can see an error message that means the user is unavailable if you try to send a message.   Well, if someone is blocking you, you must consider their reasons. Well, it is important to say that. Sometimes, for no specific reason, someone blocks you, and you feel like something is up, why you have been stopped.

Method 1:

How to know if someone has blocked you on Facebook?

Select the search bar. You must tap the white box at the top of the page or click on it. Open Facebook. Open Facebook. You must click the Facebook button on your phone or go to on your desktop to open the Facebook. When you open Facebook, you can see your News Feed if you’ve already logged in to Facebook. You will need to enter your email address and password before continuing if you are not logged in.

  • Then enter the name of the person who you think may have stopped you, tap See [name] (mobile) for results, or click ‘Enter’ on your screen.
  • Clicking the People button at the top of the web page also appears in the search result tab All but not in the People tab. You will even find people who have blocked you or removed your accounts. If you can see the search result profile in the People tab, it indicates that the user’s profile is active but that you are deleted or just not friendly. If you cannot find a profile, on the other hand, it means they have lost or blocked your account. You can also make the privacy settings high enough that you cannot find them on Facebook. However, you may also find them. If you can see your account, consider taping or clicking on it. If you’re not blocked, you’ll see a limited view of the profile.

Method 2:

How to see if someone blocked you on Facebook?

Use a Mutual Friends List Trick: Open Facebook and visit the profile page, which is also friends with the person you suspect you have blocked. For example, to see the page of a friend:

  • Choose the bar of search.
  • Enter the name of your friend.
  • In the drop-down box, select your name.
  • Choose your profile photo.

Click the “Friends” tab below the photos grid next to the top of your mobile profile) and directly below your desktop picture cover.  

Tap, click or tap on the top of the mobile phone or the top right of the Friends list (desktop). Enter the name of the person who blocked you, you believe. After a bit, the list of friends should be updated. If you see the name and profile of the person in the results, they don’t block you. If you cannot know the name and picture, on the other hand, it means you have been blocked or deleted by the person.  

You may also check the status by telling the friend of your page to check if an account is available.

Wrapping Up:

Up to now, all of these methods are the easiest way to figure out whether or not you were blocked. However, I would like to add an important piece of advice to search other social media pages of your friend before I assume the worst. Another easy way to figure out if you have been blocked on Facebook is to search friends’ status and comment on them. It will also help you identify whether or not you are blocked.  

Ok, there’s no clear Facebook status post that will prove that anyone has blocked you so that you can try it out for your sakes with the aid of some tricks.

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