PTA Tax Calculator 2022 – Calculate Mobile Phone Taxes in Pakistan

Since January 2019, the PTA has implemented tariffs and taxes on the importation of devices like mobile phones, following the instructions of the Government of Pakistan.

PTA Tax would be a tax that is imposed on all mobile phones shipped into Pakistan. Non-compliant devices are finally banned if the PTA tax is not paid on time.

The value of the PTA Tax is allotted to the technologies based on their brand, model, and kind. The federal board of revenue (FBR) imposes six (6) different PTA tax and duty rates on foreign mobile phones.

PTA Tax calculator in 2022

The PTA tax on foreign mobile phones in 2022 has been raised due to increases in the import taxes on smartphones in Pakistan’s budget proposal for 2022. People must have their smartphones PTA-approved to access network connections in Pakistan.

If you have imported a smartphone, this is the estimated applicable PTA tariff that you must pay at the airports or customs office.

PTA Tax Calculator (for CNIC)

People who sell smartphones without traveling abroad pay a higher PTA import tax for smartphones. The PTA tax on foreign phones is shown in the table below.

Mobile phone price range in USD PTA tax price range in Pakistan
$1 to $30PKR. 550
$31 to$100PKR. 4,323
$101 to $200PKR. 11,561
$201 to $350PKR. 146,61 plus 17% sales tax Ad Valorem
$351 to $500PKR. 23,420 plus 17% sales tax Ad Valorem
$501 to above than $501PKR. 37,007 plus 17% sales tax Ad Valorem

PTA Tax calculator (for Passport holders)

People who travel overseas and transport smartphones are excluded from PTA tax. However, the PTA mobile tax list is provided below for those with a passport.

Mobile phone price range in USD PTA tax price range in Pakistan
$1 to $30PKR. 430
$31 to$100PKR. 3200
$101 to $200PKR. 9580
$201 to $350PKR. 12200 plus 17% sales tax Ad Valorem
$351 to $500PKR. 17800 plus 17% sales tax Ad Valorem
$501 to above than $501PKR. 36870 plus 17% sales tax Ad Valorem

Sales tax Ad Techniques that can be applied are the amount that people must pay and the amount tax value. The Ad Valorem Tax Rate is 17% of the actual price of the smartphone.

What is Sales Tax Ad Valorem?

Ad Valorem Sales Tax depends on the financial worth of the taxable item, which indicates that when collecting the PTA Tax for authorization of their smartphone, individuals will be paid a 17 percent sales tax, which depends on the current worth of the smartphone. This indicates that the current PTA Taxes for mobile phone authorization will be different for different brands and will be set based on the value of the smartphone.

How to check the PTA status of a device?

People who intend to buy a foreign smartphone from a relative or someone else must check the device’s PTA tax status when purchasing it. The methods for knowing about it are provided below.

Check PTA Status Through SMS

SMS method could be used to view the status of an imported smartphone. Follow the steps below to check the PTA status.

  • Open your smartphone’s dialer pad.
  • To get the 15-digit IMEI code, dial *#06#.
  • You will get an SMS including the IMEI code you submitted to 8484.
  • You will get an SMS with information on your smartphone’s PTA Tax status.

Check PTA Status Through the DIRBS website

The DIRBS website is another way to view the PTA Tax status of the smartphone. Send the device’s IMEI to the DIRBS official site. You will get one of the SMS listed below.

  • Your device’s IMEI is compatible and PTA-approved. So you could make use of services for different kinds of networks.
  • If your smartphone’s IMEI is non-compliant, people can use services from all networks. To register, send a Text message to PTA, who will approve your smartphone.
  • Your device’s IMEI has been blocked, and you will be unable to use that in Pakistan. Paying PTA Taxes to use the smartphone.

If you see a notice stating that your device’s IMEI has been blocked, you must register your smartphone.


People who want to buy phones from other countries must know the PTA tax. The specifics regarding the PTA tax and the registration system are detailed in full above. I hope you get all the answers about mobile registration with PTA tax.

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