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Check Video Frame Rate and Bit Rate on Android Phone

Hello friends! Today in this article, we will talk about How to Check Video Frame Rate and Bit Rate on Android Phone. We will know all the How to Check Video Frame Rate and Bit Rate on Android Phone. Stay with this article to know in more detail.    

Would you like to check your Android phone’s frame rate, video rate, and other information? Usually, the built-in Android media player does not have advanced video detail. Instead, it offers only a couple of simple pieces of information such as video saving file size, duration, resolution, and folder.

Check Video Frame Rate and Bit Rate on Android Phone 

Users will want to find detailed video information, such as bitrate and frame rate, for specific purposes. The number of data transferred in a given time is calculated by Bitrate. The calculation is generally per second in bits. But on the other side, the rate at which a video’s images (or photos) appear per second on-screen defines the frame rate. Frame rate is calculated as fps (frame per second) unit.    

The frame rate and Bitrate provide relevant video detail. Therefore, you can quickly assess the content of the video by seeing it. And in editing, they are beneficial. In general, however, you would need to search the video bitrate data and frame rate data on your Android smartphone for many reasons.    

Use MX Player to find the frame rate and bitrate of Video

MX Player is now one of the popular video player applications for Android smartphones, as you might even know. This is available for free in the Google Play Store. The idea that the MX Player application is the new video player application is never unsure. It will play all forms of video formats on your Android phone, including those not enabled by the standard video format.

In addition, MX Player offers video information such as video frame rate, bit rate, resolution, audio rate, and much more. The MX Player Application video library can quickly obtain these details and then tap on the I button. You can see how to do it in the following step-by-step guide.    

  • Download Mx Player application from Google Play Store on your Android smartphone. You just switch to the other step if you already download it.
  • Now open that MX Player application then go to the videos that you need to check the frame rate and bitrate.
  • To select a video press long time on that video.
  • You can see i button at the right top corner of the mobile screen when the video is selected. Just click on it.
  • There is now another pop-up box will open here where you can find all the video details. The details are separated into different sections. To extend all sections, tick the more button.
  1. File: You would find simple details such as file name, place, resolution, size and time from here.
  2. Media: This section provides extra valuable details such as video encoding, length, resolution, and format.
  3. Playback history: In this section you will find when you last played this video on MX player app.
  4. Stream #1: All the video details such as profile, size, frame rate resolution and bit rate is included in this segment.
  5. Stream #2: The Stream #2 segment includes all details related to audio.

  So, through the MX Player application, we can quickly find every video’s frame rate and bit rate on your Android smartphone. Is it not simple?    

Using MediaInfo App to find video frame rate and bitrate

Another Android application is known as MediaInfo that offers more video details.  As the name MediaInfo means, the MediaInfo app is developed for that use. However, data on the screen, for example, HTML, Plain Text, XML, JSON, and more, are displayed differently.    

The MediaInfo application can be downloaded free on your Android smartphone at Google Play Store. In addition, the storage of the MediaInfo application is very small, so that the mobile won’t be taking much space.    

Using the MediaInfo application to find out the frame rate and Bitrate of the video to follow some steps are given below:    

  • Open the MediaInfo application on you mobile phone
  • At the right bottom corner of the display screen, click on the + button.
  • Choose the video that you need to find for its frame rate and bit rate.
  • The MediaInfo application can now display all the HTML video data. The data is split into three sectors: audio, general, and video. The Video section provides you with the bit rate and the frame rate.
  • In the right top corner of the MediaInfo Application is an eye view button. You will be able to view the video details in different format by clicking on it. It is defined in HTML format by default.


The purpose of today’s post is to provide you with the How to Check Video Frame Rate and Bit Rate on Android Phone. Did you like these How to Check Video Frame Rate and Bit Rate on Android Phone? Then, it would help if you gave us your feedback in the comment box below. If you also want to provide us with any Suggestions, then share your opinion with us in the Comment Box.  

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