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How to engage the Facebook audience for increasing likes and followers?

The internet is growing rapidly, and emerging markets are already drawing billions of new internet users. Facebook is one of the finest business platforms on the internet. Facebook may be used to increase likes and followers and build an online business. The person who understands how to use the internet to their advantage for maximum online exposure will succeed and win over the competition.

In 1996, Alibaba’s Jack Ma was prescient enough to see the future. He believes that you can only be successful if you help others.

With over 2.1 billion active users, Facebook is the world’s largest social media platform. People use technology to connect with their pals. Businesses use Facebook pages to improve their online presence and sales.

Engage the Facebook audience

As a regular viewer of human nature, I am always keen to learn what drives individuals to behave in particular ways, both online and offline. So I’ve been doing weird experiments on my BeingGuru Facebook page, and the results have been amazing. According to my experiences, to gain higher levels of engagement on Facebook, a post must first tell the story before inviting users to participate.

In other words, a story may be an inspiration, highlighting a motivational touch and engage a reader by asking a question. You’ve most probably seen this post with my picture trending on Facebook and Instagram for a few weeks now.

The post begins with a real, wonderful motivational story of one of the world’s most famous icons. Then, the postings demonstrate how these famous people got their amazing ventures started with their pals. Finally, the list line encourages participants to access their views by asking, “What are you doing with your friends?”

As shown in the screenshot above, good storytelling followed by a question asking for user participation has piqued people’s interest from all over the world. Unfortunately, the only country not included in this post engagement is China, where Facebook does not operate.

The post received over 35,000 comments, has been shared over 2.5k times and has received about 5k likes, and this is just on the first post. As you continue on, I’ll show you the overall states, including shared post-reactions and engagement.

Those who operate Facebook ads are conscious that images with many texts cannot be advertised since it breaches Facebook policy.

A deeper examination of the post shows that the content performed equally well on social media, garnering nearly double the number of likes and interactions and hitting over 2 million Facebook users. Again, this is significant for a non-paid job. Surprisingly, there were 10,000 likes and over 46,000 comments.

The point is that a good And engaging Facebook post not only engages your audience by increasing Facebook likes and followers, but it also increases the popularity of your page. AIn addition, a well Facebook page may be used to promote your product or service.

And you become what you study, pick your study materials carefully. Spend time reading, and read a lot of it, because reading is the best way to learn.

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