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How to find leaked password on PC and Android?

The set of features provided by Google Chrome is one of the most commonly used web browsers. Google provides you with open and usable privacy settings, along with strong security features, to protect your online accounts.

To make it more helpful for users, you can also use these new tools to search out stolen passwords in Chrome under Chrome’s privacy and security setups. Now, this new tool is also supported by Google for Android users.    

For several days, Android’s Password Check feature was created for all Android 9+ users. This is how both the PC and Android will do this.    

How to check leaked passwords in Chrome

A new security check in the settings is available, which easily checks the security of your saved Chrome passwords. If the password has been affected, the latest tool would inform you, and if they exist, you can also fix them.    

The new feature also allows Secure Browsing to be enabled, meaning that Google can inform you if you access a dangerous site or download a damaging extension. It will also inform you how to remove this if any other extension is installed.    

The security inspection tool easily shows you if your Chrome is up to date.  

Check leaked passwords on PC or laptop

  • Go to settings after opening the Chrome browser
  • Now move to the new ‘Safety Check’ and then click on ‘Check Now’.
  • The leaked password is showed as ‘password is compromised’ under the ‘Password’ section.
  • You can change your password there and after a click on ‘Review’ and it will take you to the leaked password account.

In addition to this security check, you can use secure browsing to keep your accounts safe from malicious websites. You can also create a strong password with the Chrome password recommendation.    

You can still see from the new security feature if you’ve got the latest Chrome update. Otherwise, from here you can update it. You will benefit from the new privacy and security features.    

Check leaked passwords on Android

Google’s “Autofill password” function contains the password check feature on Android. Users must be sure to allow Autofill on their devices to enable password checkup on Android. By following the steps below you should check this:  

  • Open Settings of your smartphone and go to System >> Input & Languages >> Advanced
  • Search here and tap the Autofill service.
  • Finally, tap Google to make sure the Google services’ settings are enabled.

  Now take the same measures for your PC to search your leaked password on Android.    

  • Open Google Chrome and press three dots to open the menu on your screen.
  • Tap Settings and there is a new “Safety Check” option.
  • Tap it, tap the ‘Check it now’ button in the bottom part.

  It will show leaked passwords, whether or not it’s secure browsing, and updated Chrome.    


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