Today Petrol Price in Pakistan January 2023 Latest Updates

The latest month’s premium petroleum price in Pakistan is Rs 214.8/Ltr, the light-speed diesel price is Rs. Rs 169/Ltr, the high-speed diesel price is Rs 227.8/Ltr, and the kerosene oil price is Rs. 171.83/Ltr. According to Govt. policy, the price of petrol in Pakistan is updated twice per month.

Petroleum Products Price
Premium 214.8/Ltr
High Speed Diesel 227.8/Ltr
Light Speed Diesel 169/Ltr
Kerosene Oil 171.83/Ltr
Last Updated: 15 Dec 2022

In Pakistan, the price of petrol is evaluated every 15 days. The petrol price in Pakistan is the same in all areas, regardless of city or region. Check the rates for all petrol in Pakistan, incredibly high octane, Euro 5, kerosene oil, low-speed diesel, and high-speed diesel, right here.

The term petroleum is a mixture of two separate words: “petra” (rock) and “oleum” (oil). However, petrol in raw form is produced from land or sea using the distilling method. Therefore, petrol is just crude oil, but it may include different forms of solids, liquids, and gas hydrocarbon in its natural state.

Date Petrol High Speed Diesel Light Diesel
Dec 15, 2022 214.8 227.8 169
Oct 01, 2022 224.8 235.3 186.5
Sep 21, 2022 237.43 247.43 197.28
Sep 01, 2022 235.98 247.43 201.54
Aug 16, 2022 233.91 244.44 191.75
Aug 01, 2022 227.19 244.95 191.32
Jul 15, 2022 230.24 236 191.44

Petrol is a naturally occurring liquid under the earth’s surface. The hue of petrol varies from yellow to blackish. The term petroleum is provided by combining two words, ‘petra’ (rock) and ‘oleum’ (oil), which includes petrol its other term of ‘fossil fuel.’

It is considered to be found in rock formations under the planet’s surface. Evaporation is used to retrieve petroleum in its unchanged form from deep in the earth using the drilling technique. Evaporation extracts liquid petrol from petroleum products produced by drilling.

When dead creatures such as zooplankton and algae are deeply buried deep in the ground and exposed to intense heat and pressure, they transform into petroleum. Petrol is only made up of oil products, although it may contain different liquids, solids, and gas hydrocarbon.

History of Petroleum

Petroleum acquired relevance in the past as its use in the industry expanded. It was mainly utilized to create fertilizer, solvent, plastics, adhesive, and insecticides. Petroleum’s significance in tech, commerce, and other areas grew in parallel with its more significant usage in commercial aviation.

China was the first to manufacture and consume petroleum. China began producing petroleum around 347 A.D. using bamboo-drilled wells. In 1795, British explorers established a petroleum extraction business in Myanmar.

In Europe, Pechelbronn is the first place where petroleum was found and prepared for usage. In Derbyshire, chemist James Young established a crude oil refining enterprise in 1848.

In 1856, a man called Ignacy Lukasiewicz created the first refineries. The first industrial well was drilled in Poland in 1853, and the second in an area bordering Romania in 1857. Canada’s first industrial well was drilled in 1858. Russia was the world leader in oil exploration in the 20th century.

The United States, Russia, and Saudi Arabia generate the majority of the world’s oil. However, the Middle East has 80 percent of the world’s oil reserves, with Qatar, Kuwait, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE leading the way.

In 2018, The USA was named the world’s most significant provider of petroleum due to the incorporation of new extraction methods.

History of Petrol Prices in Pakistan

The history of the petrol market in Pakistan. Before the arrival of CNG in the 1990s, petroleum was the only fuel choice for automobile owners. Because traveling was a part of everyday life, one would have to pay to have his automobile refueled, and people were unconcerned about Pakistan’s petrol price.

Because other needs were not as expensive at the moment, spending a little more on petrol was not a significant deal for automobile drivers. At the time, a liter of gasoline was roughly 0.5 USD. Since then, gas costs have been steadily rising.

During the Zardari government, petrol prices rose, prompting many Pakistanis to change their automobiles for CNG use, which was far less expensive than petrol. When the Zardari government fell, petrol prices dropped significantly. As a result, Pakistanis could get their cars refueled for as little as 65 PKR per liter for an extended period.

The financial situation in Pakistan got a little shaky after the Nawaz rule, almost when the temporary govt took over, resulting in substantial increases in petrol prices. Paying so much for petrol came at a critical time for Pakistanis, who are already dealing with hyperinflation and economic instability.

The govt has changed, but the rise in petrol costs has remained consistent. Due to public discontent, fuel prices have reached their highest possible level in history. Let’s see how lit progresses in the future.

How Does the Govt Fix the Petroleum Price in Pakistan?

The OGRA determines the price of fuel in Pakistan tomorrow. The cost of fuel in Pakistan is determined by different elements, one of which is availability. OPEC’s reduced supply to other governments raises the price of oil in other governments as well.

Increasing transport and marketing costs significantly influence petrol prices, as individual dealerships add their profits to the overall cost of fuel. In addition, petrol prices are rising due to increased federal and state taxes. The pricing is updated monthly and can be seen on WikiTechLibrary.


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