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How to Make Blog Post Thumbnails Clickable in Blogger

Thumbnail images make it easier to display several photos without degrading download efficiency. You must include the anchor HTML element in the thumbnail image’s HTML code to make it clickable. This script is used to redirect people to a post on your Blogger account or to display a larger image.

Make Blog Post Thumbnails Clickable in Blogger

  • Log in to your Blogger account using a web browser. To access the post editor, click the post you want to edit.
  • To display the HTML editor instead of the graphic designer, click the “Edit HTML” tab. Insert the image into the post. The picture HTML code is added to the article using the following code:

    <img src=”myfile.png”/>

    Replace the PNG filename with the name of your thumbnail picture. The picture might be from your website or from a third-party image source.
  • Make the newly created thumbnail image clickable. The following code demonstrates how to make a clickable link:

    <a href=”mypage.html”><img src=”myfile.png” /></a>

    Replace “mypage.html” with the URL you want to send the user to. You may also put a full-size picture in the link URL to show your viewers a larger image.
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