How to get DD Free Dish connection? How to watch channels for free?

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What is DD Free Dish?

Guys, first let’s talk about dd free dish. What is this DD-free dish? We inform you that this is free DTH (Direct to Home Service) of Prasar Bharti. It was established almost 18 years ago today on 16 December 2004.

Its aim was to bring news and entertainment information to rural India. At present its head office is in New Delhi. As the name suggests, this is a free dish service, meaning that viewers do not have to pay any monthly fees for it.

Audience will have to pay Rs.2000 only once. This amount is also deposited for the set-top box.

How many channels are shown on DD Free Dish?

Friends, let us tell you that 167 TV channels and 48 radio channels have been added under DD Free Dish DTH. Out of 167 TV channels, 91 channels are Door Darshan i.e. DD.

Of these, 51 are educational channels while 76 are private channels. Eight of them are in Hindi. DD Free Dish currently has more than 43 million viewers.

How to get DD Free Dish connection?

To get a DD-free Dish connection, you don’t need to do any long and elaborate exercises. All you have to do to get free dish connection is-

  • First, contact your nearest set-top box dealer.
  • The set-top box dealer will charge you a lump sum of Rs 2000 in the name of the set-top box and installation.
  • The set-top box will be installed at your specified location.
  • Your set-top box will scan all the frequencies and it will allow you to display all the channels it has.
  • After that, you will be able to enjoy the free channels of DD Free Dish.

How many categories are the channels divided into on DD Free Dish?

Friends, now we will tell you how many categories the channels coming on DD Free Dish are divided into. Tell your friends that according to the convenience of the viewers, the channels shown on it have been placed in eight categories. These categories are as follows-

1. DD National

  • Channel Number
  • 001 DD News
  • 002 DD National
  • 003 DD Retro
  • 004 DD Kisan DD Kisan
  • 084 DD India
  • 077 DD Sports
  • 060 DD Bharti
  • 061 DD Urdu

2. DD Regional

It prepares programs based on the needs of the audience in different states. People can watch content in their regional language through it. The details of its channels are as follows-

  • Channel Number – Name of the channel
  • 052 DD Assam
  • 007 DD Chandna
  • 008 D Jammer
  • 009 DD Cashier
  • 025 DD Malayalam (DD Malayalam)
  • 020 DD Oriya
  • 021 dd phodigai dd (phodigai)
  • 022 DD Punjabi
  • 029 DD Sahyadri (dd Sahyadri)
  • 040 DD Saptagri
  • 024 DD Learning.
  • 011 DD Arun Prabha
  • 078 DD Bihar
  • 047 DD Madhya Pradesh
  • 076 DD Rajasthan
  • 045 DD Uttar Pradesh

3. DD State

  • Channel Number – Name of the channel
  • 054 DD Chhattisgarh (DD Chhattisgarh)
  • 079 DD Jharkhand
  • 071 DD Uttarakhand
  • 018 DD Manipur
  • 017 DD Meghalaya
  • 053 DD Mizoram
  • 035 DD Nagaland
  • 036 DD Tripura

4. General entertainment

  • Channel Number — Name of the channel
  • 041 Color Relationships
  • 048 Zee Invaluable
  • 055 Big Magic
  • 029 Dangal TV
  • 028 Shimaru TV
  • 037 Sony Pal
  • 033 Star festival
  • 101 Star Utsav Movies
  • 080 Sony Wow
  • 082 Filmachi.
  • 019 Manoranjan Grand
  • 034 Q
  • 036 Independent

5. Hindi Music

  • Channel Number — Name of the channel
  • 086 MTV Beats
  • 063 B4U Music
  • 057 Nine XM (9XM)
  • 062 Masti

6. Hindi Film

  • Channel Number – Name of the channel
  • 019 Abzi Dhak
  • 010 Abazi Movies.
  • 032 Abzi cool
  • 042 B4U Kadak
  • 012 B4U Music
  • 015 Dhanchak
  • 051 Inter 10 Movies
  • 058 Mahamovi
  • 073 Entertainment TV (Manoranjan TV)
  • 039 Movie Plus
  • 038 Relationships Cineplex
  • 034 Surya Cinema
  • 048 Zee Anmol Cinema
  • 035 Cineplex Bollywood
  • 066 Befrelix Movies
  • 050 Dhanchak 2

7. Hindi News Channel

  • 068 So Far (Until Today)
  • 013 Aajtak Tej (Aajtak Tej)
  • 069 ABP News
  • 064 India TV
  • 049 NDTV India
  • 066 News 24
  • 065 News Nation
  • 056 News 18 India
  • 067 Republic of India
  • 044 TV9 Bharatvarsha (TV9 Bharatvarsha)
  • 059 Zee India
  • 070 Zee News

8. Devotional

  • Channel Number — Name of the channel
  • 075 Sadhana Bhakti
  • 085 Lord Buddha TV
  • 045 Astha TV
  • 053 Sadhana TV
  • 054 Sanskar TV

How to watch free channels on DD Free Dish?

Friends, this question must be rising in your heart how can I watch free channels on DD Free Dish? Guys, it’s very easy. We have just given you the names of the channels shown on DD Free Dish and their number next to them in the post. You can watch the channel of your choice by visiting the respective number.

How many new channels have been added to DD Free Dish?

Friends, let us tell you that private companies are also given the facility to add their channels in DD Free Dish. A total of 15 new channels have been added to DD Free Dish in the same year.

These channels include Ishara TV, Vedic, Shimaru Channels include Amang, Goldmines Bhojpuri, Manoranjan Prime, MyCam, Goldmines Bollywood, Enter 10, Goldmines Movies, Popcorn Movies, Times Now Navbharat, Food Food, Astha Bhajan, Swadesh News, and Bhattar News.

How to Play Paid Channels in DD Free Dish?

Friends, many people want to watch the paid channel in DD Free Dish. But they don’t know how they can do that. Now we will give you step-by-step information about its process, which is as follows.

  • First, go to your set-top box’s settings and select the Edit Program option.
  • In this, you have to select the option of deleting all programs.
  • The entire list will then be deleted.
  • Now you have to restart the set-top box.
  • Then again go to the set-top box settings and select the software upgrade option.
  • In this, you have to select the upgrade mode P2M (upgrade mode p2m).
  • After doing this press on start.
  • After the software update, you need to go to the program setup.
  • Here you will see the Auto Scan option. You have to go to him.
  • LNB frequency 10600 must be entered in both windows.
  • Now change the Scan Mode from Free to All.
  • At 22k, set DiSEqC to LNB3.
  • Then, press the OK button to find paid channels.
  • After the search is complete, go and check the channels with the dollar sign.
  • You will get to watch many paid channels for free.

Changing the way people access information

Speaking of Free Dish, it has changed the way rural areas across the country get information and entertainment. Earlier one or two channels of Doordarshan were the only source of entertainment for people. But now they are able to watch more than a hundred free channels. There is a lot of fun. Now you can enjoy these channels throughout the day whenever you want.

Along with this, all private news channels are also being shown for free. Viewers who don’t want to be limited to Doordarshan news channels can easily enjoy listening to news from other channels.

Apart from this, there are educational programs on DD Free Dish for students of schools and colleges, which have benefited them, especially during the lockdown imposed during the Corona epidemic.

When was DD Free Dish established in India?

DD Free Dish was established in India almost 18 years ago on 16 December 2004.

Whose initiative is DD Free Dish?

DD Free Dish is an initiative of Prasar Bharti.

Where is it currently headquartered?

Currently, its headquarters is in New Delhi.

What is the full form of DTH?

The full form of DTH is Direct to Home.

How many channels are shown for free under DD Free Dish?

Under this, more than 100 channels are shown for free.

Is there any monthly payment for DD Free Dish?

No, there is no monthly payment required for DD Free Dish.

What do you need to do to get DD Free Dish connection?

To get a DD Free Dish connection, you need to contact your nearest set-top box dealer.

How much does the set-top box dealer have to pay for the connection?

You have to pay a one-time payment of Rs.2000 for connection to the set-top box dealer. This includes the installation fee including the set-top box.

How many channels are shown on DD Free Dish?

It shows various channels like news, entertainment, regional, spiritual, etc.

Which channel comes at which number on DD Free Dish?

In this regard, we have given you the information in the above post. You can read the full details from there.

Friends, in this post we told you that How to get DD Free Dish connection? How do watch channels for free? Hope this post was useful for you. If you have any queries regarding this post then you can share them with us by commenting in below comment box. We look forward to your response.

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