How to make a conference call on Jazz – Ufone – Zong – Telenor – PTCL

Jazz Ufone Zong Telenor & PTCL are just a few of the many firms that offer telecommunication services. Users are sometimes required to make a conference call from one network to another on these networks.

So, this article is for you that has been created to help you in this regard. Here’s how to make a conference call on Jazz, Ufone, Zong, Telenor, and more. Start a live conference call with friends and family by following these steps.  

How to make a conference call on Jazz, Warid, Ufone, Zong, Telenor, PTCL

  • Call your friends and family members first.
  • As soon as you hear that a connection has been made, click on the “Hold Call” button.
  • Navigate to the options menu and choose a new call option.
  • Make a new call now.
  • Return to the main menu when you see that the second number you dialed has been connected.
  • Now, select “Conference Call” from here.
  • For How to conference call on Jazz Ufone Zong Telenor PTCL, select the maximum number you want to make the call.
  • You and your friends have a great time on the conference call.

How to make Jazz Conference Call

How to make a conference call on the Jazz network is explained here. It’s very simple to start a group conversation. Whenever new conference calls are offered, users look for a competitive method to implement them.  

Mobilink Conference Call
Service NameJazz Conference Call
For Subscribe *188#For unsubscribe *188*1#
Price: NilAdd 4 Numbers
Helpline: 111

  No fees or charges are associated with the Jazz Conference call. This service can be activated by dialing *188# and deactivating by dialing *188*1#,   Jazz Helpline number (111), call 111 to get any information.  

How to make Zong Conference Call

Here is the same method for making a Zong Conference Call on all networks using the Zong network. To subscribe to this service, dial *310#. You can add up to 10 individuals to a conference call on the Zong Network.  

How to make Warid Conference Call

Warid’s telecom authority has made Warid Conference Call available on all network platforms. A maximum of 6 people can be added to the call. Notes on all 2021 network conference call codes are provided here.  

How to make Telenor Conference Call

In addition to Telenor, all other networks can now use this conference call service. Moreover, 6 phone numbers can be added to a Telenor Conference Call simultaneously. Manually activate this service by calling the helpline center.  

How to make Ufone Conference Call

Pakistan’s largest mobile phone network. In this network, you can add 6 numbers to an informal call group and have a conversation. To activate this service, send a text message to 6789 with the word SUB in it. Only Rs 3 is required as a one-time subscription fee to start using the Ufone Conference Call code 2021.  

How to make PTCL Conference Call 

PTCL is Pakistan’s most popular calling service. This service can be accessed by dialing the PTCL Conference Call Code 1236 (add this service). On a conference call, add six numbers. Then, press the “Flash” button to keep the call on hold when the connection is connected. PTCL Jazz Ufone Zong Telenor PTCL How to make a conference call

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