Chapli Kabab Recipe

Chapli Kabab Recipe – Chapli Kabab is a popular Pakistani delicate served with Parathas Onion Rings and Green Mint Chutney on special occasions. Pomegranate seeds, which have a unique flavor, are the primary ingredient in this recipe that enhances its flavour and taste. This well-known meal is prepared from mutton or meat using a combination of techniques. Visit HamariWeb’s culinary area to get the recipe for Chapli Kabab. Try this one-of-a-kind recipe for Chapli Kabab, a classic Pakistani delicacy. Pomegranate seeds will make your food more succulent and appealing. This recipe is popular with Lacha Paratha.

Person 4
Time 0:45 – 0:15


  1. Qeema (Beaf):1 KG
  2. Cookig Oil:2 cup
  3. Chpped Onion:1Cup
  4. Ginger Paste:1.5Tbsp
  5. Garlic Paste:1.5Tbsp
  6. Eggs:4
  7. Bread:2 slices
  8. Green Chili:4 Pcs
  9. Salt: To Taste
  10. Black Pepper:1Tsp
  11. Red Chilli Powder:1Tbsp
  12. Tomatoes:4Pcs
  13. Corn Flour:3Tbsp


  • First of all qeemay ko achi tarah chopper mei chopp kar lain then iss mei chopped onion,Ginger paste(adrak jka paste), 2 Fry anday(2 Fried eggs),2 kachay anday(2 Uncooked eggs),Garlic paste(Lehsin ka paste),Hari mirch,Surkh mirch powder,Namak,Garam Masala,Or 2 slices ko 1sec k liye pani mei bhigo kar nachoor lain,1tbsp Corn flour dal ko isko hathun ki madad se khoob achi tarah mix karain itna mix karain k sara material yak.jaa hojaye.
  • Fir iss material ko chapli kabab ki shape dain.APka lkabab at least app k hand k size jitna ho or katay hoay tomato ka 1,1 piece,1,1 kabab mei penetrate kar dain.
  • In kababs ko jis plate mei rakhna hai uss plate mei pehlay se he corn flour chirk lain.
  • Ab Frying pan mei oil daal k garam kar lain jab oil achi tarah garam hop to kabab ko dal kar dhemi anch par fryu krain,or chmchay ki madad se oil kabab par daltay jayen jesay k fried egg karnay k liye daltay hain.
  • Sab kababs ko aik he tareekay se fry karna hai.
  • I hope you’ll emhoy this recipe.

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