How to Load Zong Card? Recharge your Zong Number

A Comprehensive Guide on How to Load Zong Card

Zong 4G is one of Pakistan’s most popular telecom operators. Zong’s main objective is to make it easier for citizens to connect with the technological edge of 4G LTE while making the most highly regarded products on the market.

When we discuss technology, Zong learns immensely from the Chinese Mobile Communications Corporation’s study and experience, already a worldwide leading telecoms service provider, thus enabling users to provide state-of-the-art services. 

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority also supports this because of all these high standards. You will be informed in this article about how you can load or recharge a Zong number.    

How to Load Zong Card? Recharge your Zong Number

1st Method (Through Scratch card):

  • Go and buy a Zong card from your nearest shopping store. Then scratch with the help of a coin or metal tool.
  • Open your phone’s dialer now.
  • Now, dial *100* by a 14-digit number on the card and then dial #.
  • Click now on the call icon and successfully load the Zong card.

2nd Method (Through My Zong App):

  • Install the My Zong app first and then type your phone number and check it by entering your OTP via a play store or app store.
  • Open the app now and you can see a recharge option at the top as seen in the image. Click on it.
  • Two options, online recharge, and ‘scratch card,’ will be available.
  • Enter your mobile number and your scratch card number and click on Enter. Click scratch card. You will successfully recharge your Zong number afterward.

Note: If you have an Easypaisa account or a bank account, you can also choose the online way.

Recharge the Zong number via Easypaisa App?

3rd Method (Through Easypaisa app):

The Easypaisa app allows you to recharge your Zong number. To send credit to Zong via the Easypaisa app, follow these steps:  

  • Launch the Easypaisa app first and sign in on your smartphone.
  • Click Easyload from the main menu.
  • Now enter and click on your phone number.
  • In the next step, select Zong from the list of telecom operators.
  • Later, enter your Zong number for the amount to be sent. Click on the Next and successfully fill in your Zong number.

4th Method (Through Zong Website):

Users will recharge their Zong numbers on the official website of Zong. To recharge on the Zong website click on this link.  

How to Load Zong Card? 5 Ways to Recharge your Zong Number

  Enter your number, as seen in the picture first. Now choose or enter the recharge amount. Then choose some method of payment. Payment cards and the Easypaisa app are available for payment types. Now you enter the captcha text after choosing the payment form to show that you are human and then you click on proceed, as seen in the image.    

5th Method (Through JazzCash App): 

You can also send credit or recharge your Zong number through the Jazz cash app. You should just download the app and create an account from your play store or App Store. Choose easy load from the main menu. Then type the number of your phone, and amount, choose Zong, and press the jazz app next to recharge.

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