Online Fun Games to Play When Bored 2023

Everyone needs a hobby in their spare time; Games become your best friends when you’re bored and have nothing else to do. Games are an effective way to kill time and entertain yourself. Many fantastic games to play when you are bored are available on the internet.

Browser games do not require any prior download or registration; they allow you to start playing the game at that time without any delay. These browser games have been around since 1990. They have become a fantastic source to kill boredom in your spare time.

When you need to take a break after a long day at work or after finishing your homework, these browser games help you utilize your free time. Many games to play when you are bored are now available on the Internet. Some of them are multiplayer which you can play with your friends, while others are single player; you can play alone.

Most of the time, games that keep you playing repeatedly are lightweight and don’t require registration. List of these trendy navigation games which we are going to discuss in this article. So stay tuned!

Games to play when bored online

Here are the 12 most popular games to play online when you’re bored;

1) Puzzles

A puzzle is one of the fun games to play when you are bored, and both teenagers and adults admire it. There are currently thousands of puzzles available on the internet. You can play this game at many levels. There are 50-150 pieces of this game available, and you can decide the game level from easy to hard.

This game has many themes and topics, such as animals, forests, markets, nature and family. You can also add the image of your choice to play and make the game enjoyable. This game is fun but not as entertaining as solving a real puzzle, but people find it fun if they can complete it in less time than the real game.

2) Chrome Dino Game

Chrome Dino Game is one of the most entertaining games to play when you are bored on your computer and mobile phone. This game is also built in chrome and starts automatically when your device has no internet. One of its essential features is that you can play it on chrome without any internet connection. A fuzzy dinosaur will appear on your screen when your phone or PC is not connected to the internet.

You can start the game by pressing anywhere on the screen or any button on the keyboard. In this evil you have to climb, jump and prevent yourself from cacti that come your way. As the game progresses, it becomes more difficult as the speed of the dinosaur increases and the number and size of the cactus increases.

3) Wordle

Wordle is considered the most breathtaking online game to play when you are bored. This game gives you some scattered letters and allows you 6 attempts to make a 4 or 5 letter word from those letters. Each time you get closer to guessing the word, the colors of the tiles change to let you know that you are getting closer to knowing the word.

This game improves brain activity; it requires you to stay up in the middle of the night to solve a word. This game is addictive that makes you wonder for a long time if you can’t guess a word. There is another version of this wordle in which you get scattered letters and a picture to guess the word because the word is somehow related to the picture; this change also makes the game interesting.

4) Doodle Pac-Man

Pac-Man doodle is a fun game to play online when you’re bored. This game is integrated with the Google program. You can play this game by just typing Google Pacman, and this game will start playing. You will not need to do any registration or download etc. If you played this game in your childhood and now play it after a long time, it will surely bring back many memories for you.

In this game, you aim to eat all the available dots in a maze while preventing confrontations with ghosts wandering the maze. There are three lives available in this game; if you come across a colored ghost, one of these lives will end. Your objective is to eat the maximum points to make a high score and win. you have to eat them all without running into a ghost.

5) Google Maps snake game

Snake card game is also an exciting game among other online games to play when you are bored. The snake game is a Google Map browser game. It’s simple and easy to play. You must select a destination or location, such as Mexico, London or Sydney, etc. Start the game by pressing anywhere on the keyboard. Your objective is to pick up the passengers on your way.

The difficulty level of the game will increase with the increase in the number of passengers. You need to pick up as many passengers as possible and avoid crashing into the wall. There is another traditional snake game on google in which you will move the snake with your keyboard and collect cherries and prevent walls; otherwise, you will lose.

6) Quick Draw

Quickdraw only is not only a game but also an exercise for people who love arts. In this game you have the name of an object, which can be anything. You will have some time and need to draw the picture of this object written for you. With the help of machine learning, the game’s sensor will detect if you’re drawing the right thing.

7) 8 Ball Billiards

8 Ball Pool is a famous and fun online game to play when you are bored. it is a pool game that everyone loves to play. The 8 ball pool allows you to challenge your friend in player versus player matches, or you can also participate in tournaments.

This game is interesting for both; A veteran player who excels in all games or a beginner with little experience in the ball pool also provides entertainment. You can customize your pool table and balls by making minor transactions and enjoying it.

8) Color pipes

Color tubes are one of those games that are growing in popularity every day; People can’t stop themselves from playing these games in their spare time. This game has lots of levels and you can play it on both mobile phones and PCs. Most of the time, people play it on their cell phones.

In this game you have multiple colored dots with 2 dots of the same color. You must join the two colors by drawing a line between them without breaking or crossing another link of other points. This game is simple but most addictive.

9) is one of the fun games to play when you are bored online. This game consists of a snake in a neon landscape. You have to control the snake sliding on the glowing orbs and growing in length.

Your challenge is to play among other snakes that might be longer than you; they can eat you to get longer. You are also allowed to eat the smaller snake. You need to increase your length as much as possible.

10) Online chess

Online chess is a great boredom killer for chess players. Beginners are also interested in chess but do not know how to play it. It is a fun and complex game. Online chess is available at; You can access it from your browser. You can play this game with friends or just against the computer robot.

This game gives you the opportunity to play chess online, and you can also register to become a rated player. This ranking system allows you to compete in larger tournaments while still winning smaller games. The ELO system ranks players, through which your rank increases as you excel in victory.

Last Words

You can get bored at any time and there should always be an activity available to you during this time. Generally, when people travel by plane, all they can do is play games. It would help if you had a collection of online games on your cell phone to play when you have nothing else to do.

Online games offer a little something to both a serious gamer and a casual gamer who occasionally plays games. Above is the list of trending online games that people love to play when they are bored. These games are played by many people when they are bored at work or in class. If you have a complete list of trending games admired and loved by many, you can save time by finding a suitable game and writing the name of the game to start playing from the list. Enjoy!