What is a router and how does it work?

What is a router? Meaning of router And today we will know in detail how it works, and other router-related information like Router IP address, Router login password Find out what it is and how. How do change the router passwords well as all The router’s default passwords What happens, let us know all of them in detail?

What is a router?

What is a router? What is a router device?, it is a device that connects to a modem through a cable and transmits data to various devices over the Internet, which is used to connect our device to an Internet access source.

A transmitter is the mid-point for data exchange. For example, if you are using the Internet on a computer, you transfer a file to another user, then the middle point between these two devices is called a router. The device used between the transmitter and the receiver is called a router. All devices connected to the router use the Internet.

How does a router work?

The transfer of data through the Internet is from one place to another, this data like video, photos, and audio is transferred from one device to another device in small packets in waves of energy, this packet contains a lot of information, which are sent to others. router and they are received by the receiver, such as one is device A and the other is device B. A sends any data to AB, then the data packets from A first pass to the router.

Through this router the router transmits the data through the tower to another router under the router protocol, that data is received by the tower nearest to B, and the tower nearest to B transmits this data packet to the router nearest to B. . That router transmits the data to B’s device and a receiver inside B’s device receives it. Processes data and gives output.

How many types of routers are there?

Let’s find out How useful is the router? There are 5 types of routers for different uses, one of the main functions of all of them is packet forwarding, let’s know about all these routers.

  • Wireless router
  • Wired router
  • Edge router
  • Basic router
  • Virtual router

Wireless router

Wireless routers are those where a wireless device can access the internet by connecting with the security username and password inside the router, the router is called a wireless router. For example, in our homes and offices, we can connect laptops, mobiles, etc. to a router and use the internet within its range, such routers are wireless routers.

Wired router

It is mostly used in banks and colleges, as the name suggests, the internet is accessed by connecting the device to a cable, this cable is called ethernet. It uses VoIP technology to connect mobiles.

Edge router

It can be either wired or wireless, it can be of two types. A network serves to transfer data packets between That is, it serves to connect two networks, but it does not serve to transfer data packets within either network. Like a connection between two different Internet Service Providers (ISP).

Core router

It transfers data packets within the network, but cannot transfer data packets between core networks. Assuming it is the backbone of the Internet, it fully supports the router protocol.

It is used to send high-speed internet packets over many distances.

Virtual router

This is used when the primary routers are spread, there is a group of multiple routers that share a virtual IP address, let’s say it is done as an emergency router. Is. It handles IP packets between multiple groups, if a master router goes down, the rest of the group’s routers take over.

Router to configure who should

First, you need to open the router web page, for that you can access the router in any of your browsers. IP addresses have to type.

Default IP come on it happens. If the router setup is not open from these IPs then you can see in router documentation that you are given a login IP, as soon as you open the IP, you will get a login page in the front. . In which you have to enter username and password, Router login On Universal Login ID Administrator And in the pass Password Enter as soon as you log in, set up as you need. All The router’s default passwords And id is the same admin and password you can change them as you want.

What is the difference between a router and a modem?

Router vs Modem Most people think that router and modem are the same things but it is not true that a modem is used to access the internet in your home and office which is directly connected to the internet service provider, modem Acts like a modulator.

Converts digital signal to analog signal and also converts analog signal to digital signal. Analog digital signals are sent through IPs to the modem, converted, and sent to your computer, allowing you to access the Internet.

But talking about the router, it is connected between the modem and your device, so that you can have the internet on more than one device. As a Wi-Fi router After connecting it to the modem, you can use the Internet on all other devices in your home and office.

Using a router

As you know in this post router is used to connect different devices to the internet. Like mobile, laptops, and tablets. Use a router to run internet etc.

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