How to Change Instagram Password New Method 2023

You also use Instagram. So you too Instagram account will be made So to secure your Insta ID, today we will know. How to Change Instagram Password, so read the article till the end.

Today Instagram is very popular for photo and video sharing. Instagram or Instagram Lite To use the app we need to create our Instagram ID. In which a new password has to be created and entered. Yours Insta ID It has been a long time coming.

So to secure your Instagram account, an Instagram password change should do. If you think someone has found your Instagram account password. So in such a situation change your IGID password immediately.

For you too How to change the Instagram password but you don’t know How to change Instagram password? In 2023 so in this article, you will learn how to change your insta password.

So let’s find out!…

How to change Instagram password

Friends! Big Instagram celebrities with Instagram account with Millions I followers Huh if their insta id gets hacked? So in such a situation, we should keep changing the password from time to time to protect our Instagram ID.

Changing Instagram Password So for Instagram How to create a strong password? Be sure to read this article first. There are 2 ways to change your Instagram account password. Those are the ways…

1. From the Instagram app.

2. From the browser.

Let’s go inside How to change your Instagram password Learn step by step.

How to Change Instagram Password Instagram App

On mobile, you have Instagram or Instagram Lite By downloading the app log in What is it? So follow the next steps to change your Instagram password.

1. First of all Instagram app Opens and down Profile Click on the image.

2. Then on the next page Three lines Click on the icon.

3. now Setting Select an option.

4. Then click on the security option

5. Click on More Password

6. now Current password is Enter the old password for your Instagram account. And down New password Enter the new password. Now down New password, again Re-enter the same new password.

7. Enter your old and new passwords as above. tick icon will turn blue. So now the blue tick (done) Click

Just doing these steps will get you Instagram. Password saved. A popup will appear. That means now your Instagram password has been changed.

How to Change Instagram Password in Browser

People! if you Desktop Computer Either Laptop Either Change your Instagram password on your smartphone. want to do. so your Browser You can easily change the password by logging into your Instagram account. Follow the next steps for this.

1. You should be able to change your Instagram password in the browser. 

2. Now on Instagram Username And Password By putting a login do it.

3. Then on the new page Old password (old password), New password (New Password) and enter the same new password again in Confirm New Password to confirm.

4. Finally Change the password Click the button

This is how you can change your Instagram password in a browser.

Instagram Password Change (FAQs)

How to change your Instagram password?

On mobile Change your Instagram password. (Change) First, open the Instagram app. You are logged in to the Instagram app. So your Instagram Profile Click on

Friends!… It is impossible to answer this in fewer words. So read Techfinehelp. in the article above to know in detail.

How to Change Instagram Password on Computer

Computer Either Laptop In the above article the link to change the Instagram password to change Instagram password will be found in Techfinehelp. article. Click on it and enter your old and new passwords. done Click on

How to Change Instagram Lite Password

Instagram Lite To change the password, follow the next steps.

1. By opening the Instagram Lite app Profile Click on

2. Then up Three lines Click on

3. now Setting Go in and here security Click on the option.

4. More Password Click on the icon.

5. Finally enter your current password and New password And again enter the same new password. And the top right did Click the button.

Last Words

So friends! You learn in this article How to Change Instagram ID Password, in a very easy step-by-step learning method. you Mobile Me Use the browser method to change the password without downloading the Instagram app.

You are having trouble changing your password. So let us know in the comments. The rest of you have more than one Insta ID use. So keep your account secure by changing your password from time to time.

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