What is Google Chat – How to use Google Chat in Gmail

What is Google Chat?

Google Chat is developed by Google. It is communication software. Direct message (private conversation) or Group chat can do. Also, it helps in teamwork in business work. Vacancies (i.e. room) provide facility for making. Where people can group chat, share files, and Assign tasks. can do.

Initially, this Google Workspace was Built for users. But 2021 was also made available to other Google users. Google Hangouts to whom March 2017 I Hangouts chat and replaced Hangouts Meet. Later in April 2020, Hangouts Chat was rebranded Google Chat has been

Using the Google Chat app on Android And iOS Both types of smartphone users can do this. So Telegram instead of WhatsApp or Google Chat you can use. Google Chat is also a better option for chatting in terms of security.

How to Install Google Chat App on Android and iOS

Want to install Google Chat on an Android smartphone? So for that in the play store, Google Chat finds. Then came to the top in the result Google Chat App Of Install. Click the button. Now Google Chat will be downloaded to your mobile.

If you have an iPhone Have customers? So in iOS you Application Store You can install from Google Chat. Just search for Google Chat in the App Store. And click on the download icon.

How to use Google Chat

Google Chat can be used through websites and applications. And now Google Chat in Gmail Integrate (included) through which you can use Google Chat within the Gmail app itself. But for this, you need to enable Google Chat in Gmail app. Which is more detailed in the article.

From the Play Store Download the Google Chat app. Upon opening it, your phone is automatically logged in with your Gmail account. You have already read about using Google Chat in the above article. Now proceed to know how to chat in G-Chat.

How to Chat with Someone in Google Chat

To chat with someone in the Google Chat app, follow the steps below:

1. Open Google Chat.

2. now New chat Click the button.

3. Then who do you want to chat with? This is the correct Gmail ID find. As a result of the below Gmail account Click on

4. Now type a message and click Send. To share a photo or video Image Select the icon.

This way you can chat with anyone in Google Chat using Gmail ID.

How to Enable Google Chat in Gmail

Google Chat in the Gmail app is active Either add First or go to Gmail. update Do then follow the steps mentioned here.

1. Go to the Gmail app.

2. Then Three lines Click on

3. Now down Setting Select an option.

4. In the Gmail app Gmail ID is Logged in. So select the Gmail ID that has Google Chat. Stimulate want to do.

5. After that you have to go to the general section. chit-chat The option will be available. Box in front of him tick And in the pop-up message Okay fine Click on

Now in your Gmail app at the bottom between Mail and Mate chit-chat And Vacancies, A tab will pop up. Now you can chat with anyone by clicking chat and. The group can make

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When did Google Chat start?

Google Chat for the first time on March 9, 2017, To Hangouts chat was started as The name was later changed Google Chat has been

How to Install Google Chat App on Computer?

In Computer, PC Google Chat Software Install. To do this link in the Chrome browser https://chat.google.com open now URL The Install PC icon will appear in the bar. Click on it and click Install.

How to Run Google Chat in Browser?

To use Google Chat in a browser, first Gmail ID From the log in Do it again in the browser https://chat.google.com open it. This way you can chat with Google Chat even on the browser.

Last Words

I hope What is the Google Chat app? And How to Run Google Chat in Gmail, you must have understood. Still, many people don’t know about Google Chat. That is why in this article I have given information about Google Chat.

Once in the rest of Gmail Google Chat Be sure to enable it and try it. How did you like this article? Tell us in the comments.

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