How To Check M Tag Balance – Check M-Tag Balance

In Pakistan, the highway authorities have introduced two valid methods for doing an M Tag Balance Check-in only. Both ways have been discussed in detail by WikiTechLibrary here for your comfort.

Unless you have enough money in this account id to travel on Pakistan’s motorways, you won’t be able to. However, to check their tag balance free of charge, you can use these methods.

M Tag Balance Check

The m-tag balance may be checked through SMS and the internet app (JazzCash). In addition, free of charge, you may find out how much money is still owed to you by providing the vehicle’s license plate number.

Check M Tag Balance By SMS

If you want to know how much money is left in your account, you could send a new SMS using the provided method and type in your inquiry. A child may easily do this basic trick.

  • Open the “New SMS” option.
  • Type an SMS with “Balance 12123432 (m-tag id)”.
  • Then wait for a reply by sending it to 9909.
  • M-tag account information will be sent to you within a few minutes.

As per government authorities, this SMS technique of checking the balance of an M-Tag is not free; it costs Rs 2 plus tax. That’s why sending the inquiry SMS requires some rupees in your prepaid account on your SIM card.

Check M Tag Balance By JazzCash App

The Jazz Cash app is on every one of our smartphones. According to the most current updates, the “M-Tag” recharging option has been included in the app’s “travel features,” according to the most recent updates. As a result, we will use this method to check our account balance.

As soon as the app offers us a “confirmation notification,” we will see our “M-Tag balance” displayed on that notification, and we’ll be able to cancel the app’s “m-tag recharging notification” by visiting our balance.

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