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How to move WhatsApp group chats to Telegram messenger

Hello friends! Today in this article, we will talk about How to move WhatsApp group chats to Telegram messenger. We will know all the answers to the How to transfer WhatsApp group chats to Telegram messenger. Stay with this article to know in more detail about move chats.    

The new privacy policy change by WhatsApp has left users looking for an alternate. Telegram, aside from Signal Messenger, turned out to be one of WhatsApp’s best replacements. However, today, if you turn from WhatsApp Messenger to Telegram Messenger, it will be hard for you to resume your older group conversations.

Therefore, we will provide you with a fast solution in this article about transferring your WhatsApp group conversation to Telegram.    

How to move WhatsApp group chats to Telegram messenger

There is no direct alternative on Telegram for importing WhatsApp group conversation. But,  It is not difficult.  We have a solution that allows you to quickly and effectively create a new group on Telegram Messenger, get an invitation link, and then use it to move persons from your WhatsApp groups.    

1. Create a New Group on Telegram

  • On your phone, open the telegram.
  • In the bottom right corner, press the Pen button.
  • Tap on New Group on the next screen.
  • Include one participant at least and continue.

2. Get the Group Invite Link

  • Open the conversation group and select the name of the group.
  • Now, please click Add Member.
  • Now, to receive the group invitation link, click invite Group Via Link.

3. Share the Invite Link to WhatsApp Group

  • Copy the Invitation link from the Telegram Messenger.
  • Open your WhatsApp then, and head over to your group.
  • Here, paste the Invitation link to invite.

  By clicking on the link, participants of your WhatsApp group may now easily join the Telegram group. You may also send the invitation link to the WhatsApp group by tapping Share >> WhatsApp >> Name of the group.  

Limitations of the Telegram Group

Compared to WhatsApp’s mere 256-member limit, Telegram enables up to 200,000 participants in one group, which is crazy. Besides, in community conversations, it also facilitates responses, mentions, and hashtags.     You will make communication possible on Telegram, much like WhatsApp, also in group conversations. Group video calls, however, are in the testing stage and have yet to be carried out.    


The purpose of today’s post is to provide you with How to move WhatsApp group chats to Telegram messenger. Did you like these How to transfer WhatsApp group chats to Telegram messenger?

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