Chat Pati Fry Kaleji Recipe

Chat Pati Fry Kaleji Recipe – Chat Pati Fry Kaleji is unquestionably one of the most tasty and nutritious beef recipes. Chat Pati Fry Kaleji, which is high in iron and minerals, can be made with vinegar, red chili, green chili, Imli, ginger, and garlic to give it a tangy and peppery flavour. The recipe for Chat Pati Fry Kaleji given above can be readily replicated anywhere in the globe. All of the materials and methods are given for your convenience. On Eid ul Adha, serve the tasty Chat Pati Fry Kaleji dish for lunch or supper. I created a Chat Pati Fry Kaleji dish today in honor of Eid ul Adha, which is approaching quickly.

Person 5
Time 0:40 – 0:20


  1. Aadha Kilo Kaleji
  2. Sirka 2 tsp ( Kaleji ki smell khatam karny k lye)
  3. aik pyali dahi
  4. 1 chamach lehsan adrak ka pest
  5. aik chamach namak
  6. aik chamach kuti laal mirch
  7. 2 chamach imli pest
  8. garnish k lye barek kata dhaniya
  9. 2 bareek kati hari mirch
  10. oil 2 khaney k barey chamach


  • Kaleji ko sirkey se dho kar baqi tamam masaley laga k thori der rakh den
  • phir aik karahi me oil garam kar k kaleji masaly k saath daal den our galny tak fry karen lite crispy ho jaey to harey dhanye our hari mirch se garnish kar k surve karen

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