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How to Apply for UAE Golden Visa Entry Permit

The UAE Federal Authority for Identification, Citizenship, Customs, and Ports Security (ICP) has increased the application cost for a 6-month entry permit required for applying for a 10-year golden visa, the country’s long-term residence option.

The new charges are AED 1,250, which comprises issuance fees of AED 1,000, application fees of AED 100, smart services fees of AED 100, e-services fees of AED 28, and ICP fees of AED 22.

Several categories of people are eligible for the golden visa scheme, including skilled workers like scientists and specialists, public fund investors, graduates from accredited UAE universities, real estate investors, entrepreneurs, graduates from internationally accredited universities, outstanding high school graduates, and front-line defense workers.

To be eligible for the golden visa, applicants must first secure 6-month entry permission to the UAE. The following is the application procedure for a six-month entrance permit:

Required Documents

Individuals that eligible must submit:

  • Colored photo
  • Copy of the applicant’s passport and any dependents.
  • Proof of eligibility for a golden visa.

Besides these documents, candidates must provide other documentation according to their category. The list of required documents can be found by visiting ICP’s website.

How to Apply for a 6-Month Entry Permit in UAE

To submit their application documents for a Golden Visa, candidates can use the ICP website, the UAE ICP mobile application for iOS and Android, Customers Happiness Centers, and Tasheel Typing Centers.

The applicant will get an SMS and email confirming receipt of their application, as well as further updates on the status of their application, after submitting it. After the entry permission is accepted, the candidate will get an email with the permit attachment.

Rejection of UAE Golden Visa Application

According to the ICP, inaccurate or incomplete information applications will be rejected in 30 days. The application will be rejected if it is returned a third time owing to data errors or missing documents.

Fee refunds will be awarded only if the application is refused and provided via credit card in six months of application, or via check or bank transfer for banks located inside the country within a maximum of five years.

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