White Karahi Recipe

White Karahi Recipe – Recipe for Chicken White Karahi. This White Karahi, made with Desi ingredients, differs from the classic Karahi preparation. It’s completely tasty because of the distinctive mix of creamy curry. By omitting the red chilli and instead using Garam Masala and Hari Mirch, the flavour and fragrance are ideal. You can offer the White Karahi recipe as a complete meal for lunch or dinner with Nan, Roti, or Chapatti. Many people prefer to consume Chicken White Karahi in open-air settings, such as motorway rest stops. Using this recipe to make White Karahi will give you the ideal restaurant-like flavour and aroma.

Person 4
Time 0:10 – 0:30


  1. Chicken White Karahi recipe:
  2. murghi:1 kg
  3. timater:bare 3 (qetle kiye hoy)
  4. oil
  5. namak
  6. jaotri:1 chutki
  7. jayfel:1 chutki
  8. garam masala:1 table spoon
  9. dahi:aadha kg
  10. lehsen adrak ka paste:1 table spoon
  11. hari mirch:5/6
  12. kuti hoi laal mirch:1 table spoon


  • karahi man oil daal ker or timater,hari mirch daal ker achi tarah pakaen ke gel jaen,phir us man chicken,lehsen adrak ka paste dalen or 5 ya 7 min tek bhonen,phir namak,laal mirch,garam masala,dahi daal ker mix karen,aadha glass pani daal ker dhekken dhek den jub chicken gel jay to zara tez aanch per bhoon len,jub chulha bend kerne lagen to jaotri,jayfel bhi daal den or chulha bend kerden.
  • gram gram naan ke saath khaen.
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