How to Share your Live Video on Instagram Story

Hello friends! Today in this article, we will talk about How to Share your Instagram Live Video on Instagram Story. We will know all the How to Share your Instagram Live Video on Instagram Story. Stay with this article to know in more detail.    

Would you like to share the profile story with an Instagram live video? Instagram also has a live video function in its application that allows users to connect with their followers live. It is the Instagram application’s most exciting function to interact with users in real-time.    

You can also post the Live Video with those not active on the profile until you are done. You could post live Instagram videos directly on the profile story earlier. But now, this function seems to be disabled by Instagram.  

The Instagram story has a wide following to attract more viewers for the live video. We wouldn’t know why Instagram disabled the story-sharing feature, but we found a different way to do this thing. So we know all these in this guide.    

How to Share the Instagram live video on the story

It has an alternate IGTV feature that allows you to upload videos on the profile for a longer time. You also can upload the live videos to IGTV with the latest version. The live video broadcast on IGTV will permanently appear in the profile, unlike with the 24-hour Instagram story.    

If you’re done, you can quickly share the Instagram live video on IGTV. You will be asked to share and download the video when you finish the live screen. After, on the Instagram story, you could also share this IGTV video. It can be done by inserting IGTV posts as you usually add any posts about Instagram stories to your story.  

After following this step-by-step tutorial, you will be able to know that how you can start the Live Video, share it on the IGTV, and add it to the Instagram story:  

  • Open your mobile, go to Instagram application and then go to Camera Screen.
  • Tap on Live option: You are in the Story mode by default, click on the live feature to  Swipe right to the LIVE mode. You should enter the title to let viewers know the video you are going to have been about before continue the live video.
  • Go LIVE: It is the time to live with the followers. Just press the cross-image icon at the top-right corner after your live session is complete and select End Video option.
  • Share the live video on IGTV: You can view a live video on the IGTV in the next screen. Only click on the option Share on IGTV. Live video on your phone can also be downloaded locally.
  • Post your IGTV video: You could now select the IGTV video cover image. You can then add a suitable title and description as well. Click on the Post option to move ahead. Now Instagram uploads your live video to your profile as an IGTV.
  • Share video to stories with IGTV: Click on the new IGTV Live Video Post you just shared to the Instagram Page, and then press the Send Button. Then click on the option Add video to your story.  You will edit the story on the story editor display, like add text and sticker. Post it usually on your page.

  So, you can post Instagram live videos on your profile indirectly. It will exist in your profile forever because you posted it on IGTV. It would be open to those who have access to the Instagram posts, based on your privacy. You may like it and say something about it.    


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