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As the need for new programming languages increases, so does the frequency of copied code. No one is interested in doing business with a firm that either offers plagiarized source codes for sale or employs plagiarized codes in the creation of software. That’s why it’s so important for businesses to use a reliable and secure source code plagiarism detector on all their projects.

Simple and common types of plagiarism are simple to detect. However, when it comes to identifying cases of source code copying, the task becomes far more difficult. Due to insufficient data and weak algorithms, standard plagiarism checkers have a hard time identifying plagiarized code.

To add insult to injury, developing effective plagiarism checking for source code is no easy feat. Because of its convoluted UI, it’s not a very useful tool. No longer any cause for alarm, though! We have developed the Source Code Plagiarism Checker by WikiTechLibrary to aid in the detection of plagiarism in source codes.

Let’s check out how this tool makes it simple to detect copied code in your project’s source files.

Source Code Plagiarism Checker

You could use this free web-based Source Code Plagiarism Checker to look for similarities between two or more lines of programming code in many languages, including Java, Android, iOS, Python, HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, and others.

To check your program code for plagiarism, all you have to do is paste it into the and hit the submit button. The app could analyze the code and locate its online copies. To find a similarity, it searches through millions of online source codes.

The parts of the code that are taken from the official documentation are marked as such automatically. Teachers may use it to see how their students’ code stacks up against the rest of the class, and it can be used by anybody to detect plagiarism in the code itself.

This aids in determining whether or not the student has plagiarized from other students. It will highlight the pasted codes if they match any stuff on the web. By doing so, you will have a far better understanding of the content. We have created a list of the capabilities of the Source Code Plagiarism Checker tool.

Source Code Plagiarism Checker Features

Best and Accurate Results

Companies will no longer have to take the risk of engaging poor or unprofessional software developers. The provided source code will be put through a comprehensive inspection by this tool, which will reveal even the low percentage of plagiarism (if any).

You could have confidence in the tool’s efficiency, as it will find all problems. It helps companies in checking for plagiarism in the submitted content.

Strong Algorithms

Our tool’s algorithm goes beyond coding patterns and individual coding methods to ensure the best quality of code. With time, the algorithm becomes more and more effective. The codes are checked thoroughly, thus it performs a great job overall. Any missing or duplicate characters in the code will be immediately detected by the tool.

Last Words

There is no reason for waiting. To check if any of the source codes have been plagiarized, you need to use the Source Code Plagiarism Checker Tool. It’s important to double-check your submission both internally and externally.

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