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How to Turn Off busy call waiting during call

Whenever you are on the phone with someone, if another person calls you at the same time, they will hear a call waiting tone indicating that your number is busy on another call. While this is a nice feature, it can be frustrating if you don’t want other callers to know you’re busy with someone.

Consider a situation where you are talking to your girlfriend/boyfriend at night, and you don’t want someone else to call you to hear the call waiting on your phone number. In such a situation, you would want this feature to be disabled. Fortunately, it is possible to do so, but only with a few workarounds.

In this article, we have shared 2 different methods that will help you to remove call waiting ringtone during a call from your iPhone or Android smartphone. Without further ado, let’s get this tutorial started!

Method 1: Use Call Forwarding

You would have a question in your mind if this call waiting ringtone is set by your network provider or your smartphone. This is a network dependent service, which means that your network provider is responsible for this call waiting tone. Unfortunately, this feature cannot be turned off, but there is an easy workaround that uses call forwarding.

Basically, you just need to activate the call forwarding feature on your device and redirect your incoming calls to another number. You can enter a dead phone number that is no longer active or any secondary number you are using. This way, a caller trying to reach you while you’re busy will be redirected to the number you selected for call forwarding, instead of hearing a busy tone.

Enable call forwarding on Android

You can easily set up call forwarding to your phone number from the Phone app settings. The following steps may vary slightly depending on your Android version and phone model.

  1. Open the Phone app on your Android phone.
  2. Faucet three points (menu) in the upper right corner.
  3. Select Settings option from the drop-down menu. This will take you to Call settings page.
  4. search now Call forwarding. In Samsung smartphones, you can find it under Additional Services. You may be prompted to choose between a voice call or a video call. Choose the voice call option in this case.
  5. In the next screen, you will find different conditions to enable call forwarding, such as always forward, forward if busy, forward if no answer, and forward if unreachable. Select Transfer if busy option. This allows you to forward incoming calls to your number only when you are busy with another call.
  6. Then enter the phone number where you want to forward your calls. This can be a number you used in the past that is no longer active or any secondary number you have. You can also select one from your contact list.
  7. Finally, press the Enable button. That’s it! You have successfully activated call forwarding on your phone number. After that, if someone calls you while you are busy on a call, they will be forwarded to your new number instead of hearing the call waiting melody.

To note: This method may not work on some smartphones, so you need to test and see if it works for you or not.

Enable call forwarding on iPhone

iPhones can also be configured to forward calls, however, iOS doesn’t offer many options for this. It just means that you cannot enable call forwarding only when you are busy with another call. It will be activated for all incoming calls whether you are busy or not, unreachable or not answering. So whenever you want to remove the call waiting on your number, you have to turn call forwarding on each time and then manually turn it off once you’re done to start receiving your calls again.

This step by step guide will show you how to enable call forwarding on iPhone/iPad to remove call waiting ringtone –

  1. Open the Settings app on your iOS device.
  2. Search and open Call application.
  3. Click now Call forwarding option under CALLS section.
  4. Toggle the button to enable call forwarding, then tap Transfer to option.
  5. Enter the phone number where you want your incoming calls to be redirected, then return to the previous screen to save the changes.

Now you can make a call and talk to anyone privately. Don’t worry about other callers as they won’t hear any call waiting on your number. This means they won’t be able to tell you’re busy with someone. Make sure to turn off this feature when you don’t need it otherwise you will also miss important calls even when you are not busy.

Method 2: Use WhatsApp Call

Another simple solution to prevent other callers from knowing that you are busy is to use WhatsApp calls. WhatsApp call is different from normal phone call. It is very similar to Skype VoIP (aka Voice Over Internet Protocol).

When you on a WhatsApp call and someone calls you on your phone number, they will not hear any call waiting. You can pick up and answer the call normally. WhatsApp calls use the internet to make calls. It has nothing to do with your network provider.

WhatsApp is not the only app that offers a voice call feature. Now, almost all other messaging apps have added VoIP calling functionality, including Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and Telegram. You can use any of them depending on your choice. This is surely a great solution to avoid waiting calls on your busy number without activating call forwarding.


So, these are two simple workarounds that you can use to remove the call waiting ringtone on your number while on a call. Now you can talk to anyone privately without other callers knowing you’re busy on another call.