How to See Hidden Status on Whatsapp

WhatsApp is a popular messaging app restricted to use between friends and family. This is why allowing access to a WhatsApp profile requires the user’s phone number. WhatsApp could not arrive at this point without working hard and significant creativity. The platform has undergone a lot of changes in appearance and privacy settings over the past few years to meet the needs of its users.

Similar to Instagram, WhatsApp’s Business Account option was offered before being deleted due to problems. WhatsApp launched a new platform, WhatsApp Business, which has had 500 million downloads and growing.

Is it possible to read someone’s secret WhatsApp status? We will be discussing that today. We will also explain how to keep your WhatsApp status private from friends and family. Finally, we will go through how to mute a friend’s status updates while still seeing your own.

How to See Hidden Status on WhatsApp

See Status from Mutual Friend Phone

We are going to assume that you are not very close to this individual if you are reading this. The best option is to ignore this for the time being.

They could not want to reveal their standing to you since they do not consider you a close enough friend or partner. But you can not be sure they will always be able to keep the story hidden from you.

You can check one of the mutual friends’ cellphones to see the status updates if you are anxious to view their story. Unfortunately, if you and the other person don’t share any mutual friends, there is nothing more we can do to help.

Talk With Them Directly

If you’ve just started chatting to this individual, then this method may not be the best decision for you. Directly asking them about it might harm any future relationship between you.

If you’ve been reading this person’s status updates for a long time, or if you’re good friends with them, this could be the best option. Just go talk to them and explain what’s been going on.

Moreover, they might have mistakenly excluded you from the status viewers page. There is a chance they won’t experience this mistake until you go and inform them about it. The best method to fix a problem is to discuss it directly with the people involved.

How to Hide Whatsapp Status from Contact

Here, we’ll go through the steps necessary for keeping your WhatsApp status hidden from your friends and family.

You are the one who wants to keep your status hidden from some of your friends and family. Every single one of us can relate to this since we have all been there. You need not fear that you will never be able to show his status to them again because this is a simple process that can be performed. Furthermore, the other individual will be completely unaware of your covert actions.

Here is how to choose a particular group of individuals to get notifications from your WhatsApp status updates:

Open your WhatsApp.

Your list of chats appears on the first screen. To view your current status, swipe to the left.

The three dots in a line symbol could be seen in the upper right corner of the display. Click it.

There will be a pull-down menu with only two items on it: “Status privacy” and “Settings.” You should select the first option.

Following this, you will be able to choose between three different options for Who can view my status updates: My contact, My contacts except, and Only share with. The first choice is used by default, so at the moment all of your contacts could view your WhatsApp status.

Choosing the second option is fine if all you want to do is keep a select few friends in the know about your status update. If you just want to keep a select few individuals in the know about your status, all you have to do is inform them who they are.

But if you want to share your status with a select audience, the third choice is perfect. There, you get to select and choose who gets to view your status.

Let’s assume the last option was your first choice. What comes next is as follows:

Choose the restricted sharing option. The contact list for all of your contacts will display on the next screen. Customize your list to fit your requirements, and you’ll be done.

Last Words

With today’s blog post reaching its conclusion, it’s a perfect time to review everything we discussed.

There is currently no way to see a person’s private WhatsApp status. Either add yourself to their contact list or use the phone of a mutual friend to view their status.

If you would want to keep your status updates private, we’ve set out the method for you. We’ve also covered, how to mute a user on WhatsApp and view their hidden status.