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Plagiarism Remover Review: Your Partner against Plagiarism

Plagiarism has become a serious issue nowadays for students, researchers, writers, and bloggers because there is already a lot of information regarding almost every topic available on the internet. It is a process of using someone else’s content without giving credit to the original author. Plagiarism occurs both intentionally and unintentionally

No matter how hard you try, your written content is likely to contain some pieces of unintentional plagiarism. If this is the case with you, then don’t get worried, has got you covered. 

The Plagiarism Remover tool helps users in removing plagiarized words/phrases, or even sentences by utilizing advanced algorithms. In this article, we are going to review this handy tool by taking a look at its working, features, pros, and cons. 

How Does Plagiarism Remover Work?

The Plagiarism Remover utilizes AI-based algorithms to make your text completely unique. It first analyzes the patterns of plagiarized words and sentences and then its NLP-based algorithms generate a completely unique version of the input text.

Additionally, while removing plagiarism from the given text, the tool doesn’t alter the original and meaning context. Not just this, the tool also utilizes creative vocabulary while removing plagiarism and improves overall sentence structure for better readability. 

For a better understanding of how it works, we are going a copy a piece of text from an online website and give it to the tool to make it unique. 

image 1

As can be seen in the image above the tool has not only generated a new version of the text but also providing a number of suggestions (if the user clicks on a bold word/phrase). This feature will users to use the word/phrase that they think will be more suitable.

Useful Features of Plagiarism Remover

There are a number of useful features that makes Plagiarism Remover a handy companion against plagiarism. Let’s take a look at them. 

1. Intuitive user interface

One of the best things about Plagiarism Remover is that it is quite easy to use interface. All the tools are listed on the home screen of the tool with enough information on how to use them. The easy-to-understand interface saves both time and effort for the users while eliminating the need for them to first understand the usage. 

2. Free of cost 

Apart from being easy to use, the tool is completely free to use. This means users can use it against plagiarism from all around the world without paying a single penny. 

The tool provides users with the authority to remove plagiarism from text unlimited times. That means, there are no search query restrictions or daily usage restrictions for all kinds of users. 

3. Human-level Plagiarism removal

The tool will remove plagiarism from user text using advanced algorithms and generate an output that will be completely close to the human written. With its two different plagiarism modes (that we have discussed above), the tool will provide output that will not only be unique but also more readable and engaging.

4. Multiple Plagiarism removal modes

The tool allows users to eliminate plagiarism using two different modes. AI mode and word changer mode. 

AI Remover: As the name indicates, this mode will remove plagiarism from the user content using AI technology and modern algorithms. 

Word Changer: The word changer mode will make the plagiarized text unique by replacing plagiarized words/phrases with their synonyms.

To provide a better idea of how these modes remove plagiarism. Let us explain with an example. We are going to provide plagiarized content to the tool and use the AI Remover mode to make it unique. The result is in the image attached below:

image 3

As you can see, the plagiarism removal tool has generated a new version of the input content by utilizing AI technology. Now, we are going to again use the same piece of content and remove it plagiarism but this we are going to use the Word Changer mode. 

image 1

As you have seen in both examples, both plagiarism removal modes have provided completely different output and have completely changed the input text. These above examples of both plagiarism-removal modes shows the effectiveness of the tool. 

5. Different file upload options

Finally, the tool provides users with different file upload options. One is by directly typing/pasting the content in the provided box, and the other one is by uploading the required file from local storage. Additionally, the tool accepts files in different formats such as .doc, .txt, and RTF as well. 

Accuracy & Effectiveness of Plagiarism Remover

When using the tool to perform specific tasks, every user expects that the output they will get will be 100% accurate since machines don’t make mistakes while humans do. That’s why, this review will be incomplete without discussing the accuracy and effectiveness of Plagiarism Remover. 

As we already mentioned in the working section above, the Plagiarism Remover utilizes state-of-the-art algorithms to first analyze the given content, and then generate a completely unique version that delivers the same meaning as the original one.

In order to see how accurately the tool will remove plagiarism from given content, we have copied a piece of content from online and pasted it into the tool for plagiarism removal.  

image 2

As you can see the tool has generated the output. Now it’s time to make sure whether it is unique or not. For this, we are going to the check the plagiarism of the output using a top-notch online plagiarism-checking tool, Check-Plagiarism. The plagiarism-checking result we got can be seen in the picture attached below:


Now, after checking the plagiarism of output text optimized by the Plagiarism Remover, we can conclude that, it accurately removes plagiarism from given content. 

Plans & Pricing

Fortunately, there is no pricing/plans available for Plagiarism Remover. That means, it is completely free to use for users all around the globe. Additionally, the tool has no daily usage or queries limit, allowing users to remove plagiarism unlimited times in a day. 

Other Tools Offered by Plagiarism Remover

In addition to plagiarism removal, there are a number of good tools offered by Plagiarism Remover that are discussed below:

Paraphrasing tool:

Plagiarism Remover offers a free paraphrasing tool that will allow writers and researchers to paraphrase their crafted work within a matter of seconds (the time may increase/decrease depending on the length of input content). 

Plagiarism Checker: also offers a plagiarism checker that allows users to check the content for plagiarism through millions of websites, research journals, and books. 

Article Rewriter: 

We know, sometimes writers or researchers, or even students have to write on similar topics multiple times. This not only increases the chances of self-plagiarism but also lowers the overall quality of writing. 

This is where article rewriters come in handy. It allows users to write on the same topic again and again and every time the output will be unique and engaging. 

Grammar Checker:

The grammar checker allows users to detect even the smallest grammatical and spelling mistakes in the written text. The tool is based on modern grammar rules and effectively check for errors to highlight the mistakes. 

Text Summarizer:

As the name indicates, this tool is used to summarize long-form text or documents in a few lines. These few lines contain the most important points of the summarized text. This allow users to quickly understand the long-form document. 

Citation Generator:

Last but not least, the citation generator will allow writers and researchers to convert sources into citations. This tool can convert sources in all styles of citations (APA, MLA, and Chicago). By using this tool users can reduce the chances of plagiarism in their work. 


  • Easy and free to use
  • Multiple Modes for plagiarism removal
  • Compatibility with different files
  • Highly accurate
  • Unlimited usage


  • 2000-word limit per Removal
  • Users may use the tool for unethical purposes so that they don’t need to spend time and effort on creating original content
  • Sometimes lags in generating accurate results.


Plagiarism is a serious issue for writers, researchers, teachers, and students as well. That’s why writers spend their best effort in order to avoid plagiarism. 

And in most cases, they end up crafting a work that contains small traces of unintentional plagiarism. This is where will assist them. In this article, we have reviewed this handy option by looking at its notable features, pros, and cons, and diverse tools offered by it. We hope this review will help you in countering the risk of plagiarism. 

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