How to Sign Up for Netflix with Telenor

A Comprehensive Guide

Netflix is taking full advantage of the rising popularity of web shows. Because people like to watch many series instead of a single show, TV series content includes various genres. As a result, any available web series may be seen using Netflix.

With the help of Netflix, Telenor Pakistan is promoting its Direct Carrier Billing services to Pakistani citizens. Mobile-billing Netflix users may utilize their cellular credit to access limitless movie and TV show viewing. Netflix Telenor wants to begin the project.

Netflix Telenor Subscription

To get Netflix Telenor, you first need to visit and create an account. Paying for Netflix through Telenor (prepaid or postpaid).

How to Pay For Netflix with Telenor

How to use Telenor Billing to sign up for Netflix.

  • Go to the Netflix site by typing the URL:
  • Sign up for a 30-day free trial.
  • Choose a pricing plan that’s right for you.
  • Create an account.
  • To make a payment, choose “Add to Telenor postpaid bill.”
  • A verification code will be sent to your postpaid phone number when you enter it.
  • Start watching Netflix when you’ve verified your OTP.

Netflix Payment Plans

Basic PlanPKR 950/month
Standard PlanPKR 1200/month
Premium PlanPKR 1500/month

Netflix Telenor Terms & Conditions

  • This offer is only available to Telenor Postpaid subscribers.
  • You’ll need a credit card limit at least 20% greater than your current limit to take advantage of this offer.
  • Your number must be active to subscribe to the offer effectively.
  • It would help if you raised your credit limit to prevent your Postpaid connection.
  • You can extend your credit limit by dialing the code *456#.
  • If you join today, you’ll get your first month free! After the second month, charges will be charged to the Postpaid account.
  • Payment for Netflix is due in advance.

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