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How Can Phone Calls Be Recorded On iPhone?

Everyone knows and admits Apple’s supremacy over its competitors, so it doesn’t make sense that an iPhone doesn’t come with a built-in call recording feature. However, the lack of this feature is deliberate as Apple prioritizes impenetrable privacy control for all its users, which is a big reason why it can maintain its position as a tech giant today.

Furthermore, recording a phone call violates customer privacy due to privacy laws across the country. Still, there exist a plethora of reasons why you wish to record phone conversations on your iPhone; however, Apple’s customer privacy concerns ultimately limit your options. But there’s no need to fret as there are tricks you can use to circumvent these limitations and record calls on your iPhone. Continue reading to learn more!

How can I record a call on my iPhone?

Since Apple is serious about protecting user privacy, a third-party program won’t get access to your microphone and thereby record a phone conversation. The following workarounds, however, will make it possible for you to record incoming or outgoing calls you desire.

1. iPhone’s speakerphone

It’s the most straightforward solution for recording a phone call on iPhone since it involves having any two devices at your disposal. You can connect the call on speaker mode on one device while the other is used to capture the conversation in real-time.

You can make the call using any speaker phone (iPhone or not), then start recording in Voice Memos on the other device. The trick offers the most straightforward workaround and heavily depends on two nearby devices. Before making the call, you may capture any conversation by tapping the red button in Voice Memos.

2. Third-Party apps

You can also download third-party programs to bypass Apple’s privacy controls. You can record calls from an iPhone by installing a Call Recorder for iPhone from the AppStore. Download a call recording app to tape your desired conservations and listen to them whenever you want in one simple step.

We recommend getting the nice call recorder app to turn your conversations into voice notes in a snap. It’s the ultimate iPhone call-recording app with a limited-time trial period. It makes taping calls as easy as pressing a button.

3. Google Voice

Another way to achieve this is via Google Voice (GV), which allows free calls over the internet in Canada and the US. You get your GV mobile number and an inbox for voicemails for free domestic calls wherever you want throughout the States and Canada. You may get charged according to the standard GV tariffs for international calls.

The primary benefit of installing GV on an iPhone is the ability to record and save calls immediately. Before you can record and save voice calls to your device, you will first need to set up the service on your iPhone. Always keep in mind that you should never set up GV using your Google Workspace account for school or work. If your GV account is linked to either your school or your work account, you won’t be able to tape any of your voice conversations.

4. Voice mail

Has voicemail been set up on your iPhone? If not, do so immediately, as there’s a neat hack for retrieving your phone call conversation copy from your voicemails. The usefulness of this last option is determined mainly by the mobile network service you are now subscribed to.

First of all, you must know whether your mobile service provider supports voicemail downloads. If yes, you can access all your voicemails from the iPhone app. Open the app and choose the Voicemail option present at the bottom of the screen. You can then view all of your voicemails in one place and decide to save them so that you can listen whenever you want.


Can you record a phone conversation on an iPhone?

You can’t directly record any phone conversation from an iPhone as it doesn’t support taping phone conversations. However, there are many workarounds to counter this problem. By following the above four tricks, you can record any calls, whether outgoing or incoming, on your iPhone. 

Is it legal to record phone calls?

It may be against the law to tape phone calls in certain states (or countries). In states like Texas, just one party’s consent is required to tape a conversation legally; so long as one party agrees to record the call, it is entirely legal to tape that conversation.  Anyone from Texas can tape a phone conversation without disclosing it to the other person and not face any legal repercussions. However, it’s probably better to let the involved party know that you may record the conversation as a countermeasure against any unwarranted consequences.

How can I record a phone call on my iPhone for free?

Yes! You can save a recording of a voice call made on your iPhone without spending an extra penny by using either the voice mail functionality or the Voice Memo app to capture the voice calls. Additionally, you can also use GV to tape conversations when making domestic calls.


We hope you found this article helpful. If you are looking for a solution to tape important phone conversations on your iPhone, you can use any of the above-discussed workarounds to bypass the privacy restrictions.

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