How to Fix Apps Not Working on Mobile Data on iPhone

Are some applications that don’t work on iPhone mobile data? Some users have had a strange problem in which some apps do not connect to the Internet through mobile data even though they work well on WiFi. Don’t worry if you face those issues on your iPhone.

Here are some quick ways How to Fix Apps Not Working on Mobile Data on iPhone.

How to Fix Apps Not Working on Mobile Data on iPhone

1. Check the Connectivity

Your mobile data connectivity is the very first step. Try your browser to open a web page or check the speed through or If mobile data does not work, check that your SIM card is equipped with an active Internet pack. See, even if the data limit has been exhausted.

2. Reboot your iPhone

How to Fix Apps Not Working on Mobile Data on iPhone

I suggest rebooting your iPhone once for a fresh start if the app cannot connect to the Internet. This removes temporary bugs or defects.   Press and hold down the power key and then switch off to reboot your iPhone. Just wait a few seconds.  To boot it again, then press and hold the Power key. If the problem continues, take the following steps.

3. Allow Mobile Data Usage for App

Like Android, iOS allows you to control the use of mobile data for every application. Check if you have access to your iPhone mobile data for the application you are trying to use. To do so,

  • Open iPhone settings.
  • Tap Mobile Data now. Now.
  • Scroll down to an application that is not working on mobile data.
  • Check if mobile data can be allowed to be used. If not, enable it.

4. Enable Data Roaming

If you travel to another state or country, the mobile data on your iPhone won’t work. To access mobile data, you must allow data roaming. Below is how you can enable it,

  • Open iPhone settings.
  • Click on Mobile Data >> Options for Mobile Data.
  • Enable the data roaming toggle here.

5. Reset iPhone Network Settings

The other way to fix mobile apps that don’t work with mobile data is to reset the network setting. How you can do it:

  • Open iPhone settings.
  • Head to General >> Reset.
  • Now, press Reset Network Settings.
  • Tap Reset network settings to confirm your iPhone passcode.

6. Check for Software Update

With new bug fixes and improvements, Apple regularly updates the iPhone. So check for updates and download the new version of your iPhone. The current build issues will likely be fixed until a new update has been downloaded.

  • Open iPhone settings.
  • Go to General >> Update Software.
  • See for updates. If available, download and install it.


These were six easy ways to solve the problem that some apps don’t use mobile data on iPhone.

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