How to Check CNIC Number With Mobile Number

Should you ask if you can use a mobile number to check the CNIC number, we will provide the solution. First of all, what is CNIC, and why do we need it? Then, we shall try to answer and try to give you an authentic and detailed guide.  

Every adult in Pakistan is required to register for the CNIC if they are 18 years old. In Pakistan, all adults must register. These CNICs are issued to any Pakistani citizen by the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA).  

The CNIC is the card that identifies a person as a citizen of Pakistan. The CNIC is a card. When parents register their children in their database, NADRA assigns a unique 13-digit number at birth. When you reach the age of 18, this special 13 digit is the CNIC number.  

NADRA issued a National Identity Card (NIC) manual before these computerized cards to all Pakistani citizens. Therefore, if you want to have different facilities in Pakistan, you should have a valid CNIC.    

Why CNIC is Compulsory?

How to Check CNIC Number With Mobile Number

In Pakistan, we need CNIC, and some of it is listed below.  

  It would help if you had a valid CNIC for some other things. In the beginning, the NADRA system wasn’t so good, but it improved significantly with time.  

You have to buy a sim from CNIC when you go to the network operator franchise. Both citizens have to provide the CNIC with a photocopy to buy any SIM. The PTA is responsible for ensuring any SIM used in Pakistan is registered. So each SIM is registered in Pakistan. You can also see your CNIC number while checking your details. That is why this article helps you to find out how to use your mobile number to check the CNIC number. Just keep a few minutes with us.    

How to Check CNIC Number With Mobile Number

How to Check CNIC Number With Mobile Number

You need a valid CNIC to buy a sim, so you can find your CNIC number when you check your mobile sim number details. Therefore, you need to take a few steps to check your CNIC number using your mobile number.  

  • The first thing you do is open your mobile phone’s message app.
  • Next, a blank message must be sent to 667.
  • You will get a message with all details of your sim number after sending a blank message.
  • You can also see the CNIC there so that the message you received can check the CNIC number.

  If you have a mobile phone that does not send a blank message, write something and send it to 667.   This is an easy way to check all your mobile sim number details and your CNIC number.  

How to Check CNIC Number With Mobile Number

Ufone users can also access mobile numbers using a USSD code. For example, dial *336#, then type 1. Details of your registered number will be received. If you want to check your CNIC number, Telenor customers can send a blank message to 7751.  

Finally, you can use any of these ways to check with the mobile number with your CNIC number. NADRA also has a computerized National Identity Card status monitoring system. That too can be used. However, the above ways are better for you if you want to check it for your number.

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