Punjab Metro Train and Bus Fares to be Increased Soon

The Punjab Mass Transit Authority (PMTA) is considering a fare increase for metro buses and Orange Line trains due to escalating petroleum costs. The proposed new fare would be Rs. 50 per stop, a significant rise that reflects the impact of increasing fuel prices on the authority’s ability to provide affordable transportation services.

PMTA executives have expressed concern over the rising fuel costs, stating that they are detrimental to their capacity to offer cost-effective transit options. A detailed plan regarding the proposed fare hike is expected to be presented in the near future.

In the meantime, Caretaker Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi has been actively assessing passenger satisfaction levels. He has personally traveled by bus and train, engaging with passengers to gather their feedback. During his travels, he discovered that the air-conditioning units on the buses had been malfunctioning for six months, causing discomfort to passengers in the heat. In response, Naqvi immediately ordered the restoration of the AC units.

Furthermore, Naqvi has proposed free bus and train travel for both male and female students. He has instructed the transport secretary to prepare a summary for this initiative.

During his visit to Anarkali train station, Naqvi was informed about several issues including non-functional washrooms, water shortages, and broken token machines. He subsequently called the transport secretary to address these problems. From Anarkali station to Ali Town, he evaluated the condition of token machines and the overall passenger experience.

To alleviate these issues, Naqvi suggested several measures including online and credit card metro card recharging, restoration of token machines, and improved facilities for women. These initiatives aim to enhance the commuting experience for passengers, despite the proposed fare increase.

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