Honda CD 70 2024 Zero Markup Installment Plans

Honda CD 70 continues to dominate the streets with its latest 2024 model. The bike has undergone several facelifts over the years, and holds a strong position in the market due to its high resale value, particularly in Pakistan.

The 2024 model of Honda CD 70 was launched without any specific dates following the success of its predecessors. However, the motorcycle industry has been grappling with challenges such as parts shortage and currency devaluation, leading to multiple price hikes by Honda and other auto companies. This has prompted consumers to seek easy leasing options for bikes.

In response to this demand, Atlas Honda Limited (AHL) announced a zero markup installment plan for the Honda CD 70 2024 model. The bike is available at a price of Rs157,900 in Pakistan. Bank Alfalah offers the Honda CD 70 on a zero markup for up to 6 months, with a processing fee of 2.5% plus Federal Excise Duty (FED) applicable on the product.

The installment plans for the Honda CD 70 2024 model are as follows: For a three-month plan, the monthly installment is Rs52,630; for six months, it’s Rs26,315; for nine months, it’s Rs20,465; for 12 months, it’s Rs16,080; for 18 months, it’s Rs11,700; for 24 months, it’s Rs9,500; and for 26 months, it’s Rs7,320.

Honda CD 70 Price Rs157,900Monthly Installment
3 Months InstallmentsRs52,630 (zero markup)
6 Months InstallmentsRs26,315 (zero markup)
9 Months InstallmentsRs20,465
12 Months InstallmentsRs16,080
18 Months InstallmentsRs11,700
24 Months InstallmentsRs9,500
26 Months InstallmentsRs7,320

This zero markup installment plan is expected to make the Honda CD 70 2024 model more accessible to consumers, despite the ongoing challenges in the auto industry.

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