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How to pay electricity bill using Amazon Pay

Amazon owns the Amazon Pay app, which is used to process online payments. You’d likely like to create a UPI ID while using the Amazon app so that future purchases and payments may be made quickly and easily.

Amazon Pay UPI is similar to those other UPI such as Google Pay, or other BHIM UPI. Amazon does not provide a different app for bill payments. The Amazon App now includes the ability to make payments with Amazon Pay.

You can use your Amazon Pay balance, Net banking, a credit card or debit card, or the UPI to pay your bills. Follow this guide for details on how to use Amazon Pay to pay your electric bill.

Here is a guide on how to use Amazon Pay to pay your electric bill:

  • Open the Amazon Pay mobile app.
  • Find the option to pay bills by scrolling down the page.
  • Select the service you’d want to pay for on the Amazon Pay page.
  • Then choose the state as well as the agency which payment you would like to make.
    After deciding on a company, you can view your billing information by providing your account number and tapping the “Fetch Bill” button.
  • Now enter your UPI PIN and pay the charge.

Amazon only allows bill payments up to Rs.25,000 in value. This Rs. 25,000 limit applies to all electricity-related bill payment categories on the site.

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